How to connect your NAS – Qnap & Synology

How to connect your NAS – Qnap & Synology

I know a little about computers, but not enough to figure out how to connect all the components and configure the computer, the NAS, PLEX on HDhomerun, Roku, TV. I understand I can use hard wiring (preferred) to all device. Is it as easy as plug and play. Do I need to direct my computer to the device’s? My computer has: Intel i7-4791,CPU@3.60 GHz, installed Ram 16GB, 64bit operating x64 processor, windows Home 10.

For the very first time, it might be slightly confusing to set up a NAS. Everyone is used to the external drives which you can just connect over USB or Thunderbolt use it straight away. With a NAS you connect it to the network instead and never disconnect. It just appears as another available drive in your computer. It is called network drive.

How to set up Qnap NAS?

The first and only thing you will need for the first time setup is an app called Qfinder Pro (link). Make sure your NAS is connected to the same switch or router as your computer. It can be in the same room or even another side of the building.

This app will automatically find all Qnap NAS devices connected to your network.

Secondly, double-click on your NAS and go through the wizard to set up. You will need to choose a RAID, username and password. After that NAS will be ready to use. You can also ask to preconfigure RAID and another setting for you so you don’t have to do it.

Thirdly add NAS as an additional drive in your computer (network drive). This will let you naturally open this drive whenever you need to store some files on it. Additionally, you can also install apps from app apstore. Apps like Plex, Dropbox lookalike or dozens of other apps.

This is how its done on Windows and a Mac.

How to set up Synology NAS?

On Synology is exactly the same thing as above, but instead of getting Qfinder, get an app called Synology Assistant (link).

Can I connect NAS directly?

If you buy Qnap 53B series- you can use USB direct connectivity function for accessing data directly without network access.


Can I connect Synology Diskstation NAS directly to a PC or Mac

Best way to connect to Synology NAS – WebDAV , FTP , Drive , QuickConnect, VPN



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