Install Zappiti Server on Synology NAS

Install Zappiti Server For Synology (New Procedure)

Step 1: Change the trust level in the Package Center AND allow Beta

Log into your NAS as administrator and go to Main Menu → Package Center → Settings and set Trust Level to Any publisher.


Then, go to Beta tab, and tick “Yes,beta versions!”.


Step 2: Add Zappiti Packages Sources
In the Package Sources tab, click Add, type Zappiti as Name and as Location and then press OK to validate.
For Beta, use : as Location. 

Step 3 : Configure Ports

For an optimal configuration, we strongly advise you to configure your firewall.

Control Panel -> Security -> Firewall

We’ll create 2 rules (Source Port/Destination Port) on the LAN network.

One for the input port and output port with port 8777  (if that doesn’t work use UDP type instead of TCP or all)




Step 4: Install Zappiti – Server Package
Go back to the Package Center and enjoy Zappiti’s packages in the Community tab.

Select Zappiti Server, then Install.

Zappiti Server require Mono package that is available for theses models :

The installation is in progress …

Then click Apply.

Step 5 :  Select Zappiti Server for Synology and enjoy Zappiti !

Zappiti Server is installed on your NAS, please refresh the page (using Back or Escape button)  and it will show in your available servers.

The name of your Server will be the same as your NAS. For example ZAPPITI-NAS, or DISKSTATION…

You can then configure your zappiti server by visiting URL of your NAS using [YOUR NAS IP] :8777  (like