Install Zappiti on Synology DSM7 via docker

Install Zappiti on Synology DSM7 via docker

You will need Celeron based models such as ds220+/ DS218+ etc to run a docker.

Step 1 – Shutdown and Uninstall Zappiti Server

Open the Package Center.
● Go to Installed section.
● Select the package Zappiti Server.
● Click on Action.
● Select Uninstall.


Step 2 – Create a shared folder

Go to File Station.
● Click on Create.
● Select Create New Shared Folder.

In the field Name, enter zappiti (in lowercase) (1).
● Select the destination volume (default is Volume 1) (2).
● Validate by clicking on OK / Next (3).

Click OK

Step 3 – Create data and app folders


● Return to File Station.
● Do a right click on the shared folder zappiti previously
● Select Create folder.


● Enter the folder name app
● Validate by clicking on OK


Create folder named – data

Step 4 : Recover your collection

1 – Enable the SSH service on your Synology

● Open the Control Panel
● Go to Terminal & SNMP (1) tab
● Tick the Enable the SSH service (2) box
● Click on Apply (3)


2 – Connect with SSH on your Synology.

Windows process
● Download PuTTy and install it.
● Launch it.
● Enter the IP address of your Synology in the Host Name (or
IP address) (1) field
● Click on Open (2)



● If needed, accept the certificate by clicking on Yes.
● Enter your administrator credentials
● Validate with Enter



Mac process
● Launch the app Terminal (located by default in
● Type the command ssh [user]@[nas_ip_adress] where
[user] is a user have administrator privileges.
Example : ssh admin@
● Accept the certificate if necessary by typing yes then validate.
● Enter your administrator credentials
● Validate with Enter



3 – Move the Zappiti Server files to their new location.


Windows and Mac
● Type this command :
sudo mv $(sudo find /volume* -maxdepth 1 -type d -name “Zappiti-Server” -print -quit)/zappiti/* /volume1/zappiti/data

● Validate with Enter

This command will search where your Zappiti-Server folder is located on your Synology, then will move the contents of the zappiti subfolder
in the zappiti/data folder which we have previously created.


Step 5 – Docker installation


● Return to the Package Center.
● In the search bar, type Docker.
● Once finding it, install it.


Once installed, Docker is now available from the Main Menu.
● Launch it.



Step 6 – Retrieve the Zappiti Server image

● Download the image from this address :

● Copy the file on your Synology.
● In Docker, go to the Image (1) section.
● Click on Add > Add From File (2).



● Search your image file on your Synology (Green frame)
● Click on Select to load the image (3).



  • new image should appear on the list
  • Select it [1]
  • Launch it  [2]


Step 7 – Create the container


● Name your container zappiti-server.
● Click on Advanced Settings.



● Check the box Enable auto-restart.
● Do not click on OK / Apply.


● Click on the Volume tab
● Click on Add Folder.


● In the new opening window, select the app folder inside the
zappiti(1) shared folder.
● Click on Select(2).

● In Mount Path, type /app/bin
● Do not click on OK / Apply
● Repeat the process with this time selecting the data folder
of the zappiti shared folder.
● For the mount path, type /app/data
● Still do not click on OK / Apply



● Click on the Port Settings tab
● In Local Port replace Auto by 8777
● Now you can click on Apply.


● Back from the container creation window. Click on Next.
One last window is displayed and shows the summary of the
container options.
● Make sure the option “Run this container after the wizard
is finished” is checked.
● Finally, click on Apply / Done.



















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