NAS back up for MacBook with external drive off-site backup

I am looking for a recommendation for a NAS solution for my home please – very much appreciate your help.

I’d like something simple which will back up my MacBook in the background using TimeMachine (less concerned about iPAds and iPhones) so I have a robust on-site back up for my files and somewhere I can store my photos and music as they have outgrown being able to live on my MacBook.

I’d like to be able to back up further by easily plugging in a further external drive every few months and taking it off-site.

In terms of being future proof, something that can link into a SMART TV and/or be connected to a home surveillance set up would be nice to have. I probably need 2TB (4TB at absolute max) or storage space to ensure it will not run out in the future.

You will be perfectly fine with a Synology DS218play. It can back up your MAC, Win, and mobiles devices in the background. The music, photos, and videos can not only be accessible locally but even on another side of the world. Also, the GEO tagging and people and place recognition makes it so easy to find things in seconds.

The offsite backup is also super easy. Synology USB backup function will automatically copy any folder you want to your external drive completely automatically at the moment you connect it to the USB port. It will also eject it once the backup is finished and you are ready to go.

Built-in DLNA function will allow your smart TV to see contents from your NAS want to. A built-in transcoding function will also convert video formats if your TV is unable to play certain file types.

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