NAS for Plex/Sonos

I’m looking to buy a NAS for my house. I’m a first time NAS user but basically:

-I have a Samsung 4k TV in the living room that I want to watch films on. I intend to use Plex for this with the Samsung Plex Media App.

-I also plan on getting some Sonos speakers to stream wireless music around the house. The NAS will have my MP3 music collection.

-I plan on hardwiring the NAS to the router which is in a little office room so the NAS will need to be able to stream 4k video (transcoding would be nice too) to the Samsung TV which is in the living room.

-I would also like to use BitTorrent on the NAS to download stuff.

What would you recommend? I’m looking at around £300 and the QNAP 251+ looks pretty good? I read you recommend QNAP over Synology for Plex streaming…

Qnap is often recommended as the best multimedia center because of its HDMI port. This enables you to stream 4K using the HDMI cable. This also enables you to use apps like KODI and a remote control.

Nevertheless, you can also stream 4K over the network. If your TV is not 4K – than transcoding function will be required for a NAS to change video format on the fly. TS-251+ will transcode HD streams but not 4K. You may look at TS-251B (or 253be) or Synology DS218play.

The SONOS speakers are become very popular especially with Alexa built. You can cast any music from your NAS to the speakers are even set up voice control to play music from the NAS.

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