NAS that use PCI Express M.2 SSD slots for storage

Is there any NAS that use PCI Express M.2 SSD slots for storage as appose to connectivity or caching. I’m not looking for caching from ssd.

I want PCI Express type M.2 SSDs as the main storage so I can get speeds at higher end of 10Gbe network. SATA ssd are limited to 6Gb/second. I want minimum 10Gb or 1.25GB/second ssd for main storage. An efficient nas storage need to max out the speed of your 10Gb ethernet port of a NAS. currently I’ve only seen 500MB/second in a qnap nas thus only using half of the 10Gb ethernet port.


Sure, all Qnap featuring PCI slot or NVMe M.2 connection will support NVME based volume. The speed will be limited to PCIe slot speed. It would be recommended to have x4 slots at least. The other limiting factor is processor. Celeron quad core models will somehow limit data transfer speed around 700MB/s. To get a maximum potential speed through the 10GbE connection you need to look at model with Pentium, Intel core i3,i5,i7.


Here are few models to look at:

TS-453BT3 – slow because of PCIe and Celeron.

TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT, TVS-872XT – delivering best performance

TVS-882, TVS-1282 with a NVMe card installed.