Qnap Black Friday Deals

Of course, I would recommend you to do your Black Friday shopping at SPAN.COM, but if you simply are hunting for the price it probably will be the Amazon where you land. But do try to ask for their Free hardware test and configuration service They will set up your raid and even install your preferred apps.

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Qnap IR Remote Control HS-251/TS-X5...29.21% OFF
QNAP TS-451DeU-2G 4 Bay Short Depth...15.28% OFF
QNAP TS-230 Single Model Memory 2GB...6.90% OFF
QNAP TS-932PX-4G 5+4 Bay High-Speed...5.72% OFF
QNAP AC RM-IR004 IR Remote Control ...4.55% OFF
QNAP TS-451DEU-2G 4 Bay Rackmount N...2.95% OFF
QNAP TS-873AU 8 Bay High-Performanc...2.51% OFF
QNAP TL-D400S 4 Bay SATA 6Gbps JBOD...1.28% OFF
QNAP TS-h1683XU-RP-E2236-128G 16 Ba...1.17% OFF

Black Friday 2021| Budget NAS for simple computer and mobile backups

Qnap 28A and 31p series are made for simple tasks like data backup and local file storage. These models are very limited to their one task. But if all you need is to back up couple of computers then this is all you need.

Black Friday 2021| Plus series NAS for expand-ability, upgrades, extra performance

The B /Be series are the flagship models. They are very universal in use. You can not only back things up but also turn this thing into a server of many kinds. They also are very easily expandable and easy to upgrade.

Black Friday 2021| Best Plex NAS

Streaming Only

Here are the cheapest Plex NAS for local streaming only. If you like to watch movies on at the best quality- then local streaming is for you.

HD/Full HD Transcoder

If you have big collection of 1080p movies. These are the options for you. You can easily transcode videos into a compatible formats so that receiving device have no problems playing any content you want.

4K Video Transcoder

Those who always have the latest technology might consider 4K capable NAS options. The 82 series not only can transcode 4k but also stream 4K HDR 10bit content over HDMI2.0 connection it feature at the back.

GPU Upgradable

Black Friday 2021| 10GbE / 40GbE NAS/ Thunderbolt

For those who create amazing 4K content might consider fast bandwidth NAS options.

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