Synology & QNAP NAS for HyperV backups and more

We are looking into a NAS solution to remove our backups from our live environment to a separate system. Fairly quickly we narrowed it down to Synology or QNAP, but not sure if one holds a strong edge over another for our use. We only want to use this for backups, right now we run a HyperV environment with 15 VM’s, we would want to include all of these, as well as backing up physical machines, such as the hosts and some physical computers.
They look like they both come with their own software, we were planning on using Veeam to manage the backups, is there anything standout for what we are looking into, or are they both pretty comparable?

Virtual machine backing up requires quite a lot of bandwidth which means you need to look at something with 4LAN ports or even 10GbE ports. Synology DS1817 will feature dua 10GbE and dual 1G LAN, or if you are not 10G ready then DS1817+ or DS1618+ will feature 4 LAN ports with an option to install 10GbE card later if you decide to upgrade your network.

Alternatively, you can look at tired storage solutions from Qnap, combining HDD, SSD and NVMe storage in one box. Data automatically will be moved to the appropriate storage layer offering best possible speed for data transfer. This might be a better solution as virtualization storage solution instead of just backups. Models like TS-1635AX, TS-1635 (max capacity model), TS-932X (cheap tiered storage), TS-831X (cheapest 10g backup NAS). 

I would go for suggested Synology models, but both will support virtual machine backup as well as physical computer backups. You may also consider Acronis backup software which does a great image backup of computers and mobile devices as well as server backups.


Acronis True Image is a backup software which will let you backup Computers, Android Phones or Apple iPhones to your NAS. It is an incredible app because not only it can backup few folders, but also an entire image of your computer. This is super important if you need to get your computer restored ASAP after a massive system crash, virus or other disasters (Manual to set up NAS as backup destination). Backing up a mobile device means capturing all of the data – including contacts, calendar, photos, videos and other files – so you still have them if something happens to your smartphone or tablet.
Backup software for mobile devices makes sure you are saving copies frequently, reliably and safely. It automatically produces a backup and makes it easy to restore your files.
Link to Acronis True Image=
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