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AIFFRO K100 SSD NAS Review – N100 Powered Flash NAS for Your Pocket? AND ANOTHER SSD NAS has arrived on the market, this time from AIFFRO with their K100 4-Bay NVMe micro/pocket server. Nowadays, it seems like every brand and it’s subsidiary want to get in on ALL SSD NAS systems! The decreasing cost of […]

A Guide to DRAMless SSDs – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Are DRAM free SSDs Worth Your Money and Your Data? Solid-State Drives (SSDs) have revolutionized data storage with their speed and reliability. Among these, DRAMless SSDs have carved a niche, offering unique advantages and disadvantages. With the emergence of models like the Samsung 990 EVO, the Phison E31T controller-based SSDs, and the WD Black SN770, […]

Samsung 990 EVO SSD Review

Samsung 990 EVO Gen 5 SSD Review It would be fair to say that of all the brands that exist in the SSD consumer and commercial market, few have the recognition and long-running reputation that Samsung has. A mainstay in consumer day-to-day devices, they have also been long-running pioneers in the world of solid-state storage […]

SK Hynix Beetle X31 USB SSD Review

SK Hynix Beetle X31 10Gb/s USB SSD Review The SK Hynix Beetle X31 SSD enters the storage market with a set of specifications that aim to cater to the mid-range consumer segment. This review sets out to provide an objective analysis of the drive’s performance, build quality, and overall value proposition. More than just the […]

Phison E26 Max14um Gen5 SSD Review and Benchmarks

Review of the Phison E26 Max14um Gen 5 SSD – New King Crowned? The Phison E26 Controller equipped Max14um SSD is currently on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, where it’s a part of Phison’s exhibit showcasing their latest advancements in solid-state drive technology. Prior to its demonstration at CES, a unit of […]

The Samsung 990 EVO Gen5 SSD Revealed

Samsung Finally Releasing a Consumer Gen5 SSD – The 990 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD With so many Gen 5 SSDs being revealed during CES 2024, it probably won’t come as a tremendous surprise that Samsung (a big [player in both the consumer and business SSD market) is on the verge of rolling out its very […]

Samsung T5 EVO 8TB External SSD Review

Samsung T5 EVO 8TB USB SSD Review – Big Deal? In the ever-evolving world of digital storage, the need for portable, high-capacity solutions has never been greater. Enter the Samsung Portable SSD T5 EVO, a device that not only meets these demands but also sets a new standard in the realm of external storage. This […]

Best NVMe M.2 SSD for caching

Best NVMe M.2 SSD for caching

Best NVMe M.2 SSD for caching Hello, so I have a DS1821+ that I use for my Plex file station, I use a pc for the server itself. I do know my metadata folder is closer to 800 GB. I am looking to install a NVMe SSD for cache. I do not know if the […]

List Of compatible NVME M.2 SSD for Synology NAS cache

List Of compatible NVME M.2 SSD for Synology NAS cache

List Of compatible NVME M.2 SSD for Synology NAS When choosing NVMe for caching you need to look at reliability ratings such as DWPD/MTBF. Here are a few on the list Caching means a lot of read and write operations, unlike regular storage situation. You would need to look at models with 0.5DWPD and […]

Samsung T9 SSD Review

Review of the Samsung T9 4TB NVMe SSD In the vast landscape of technology that has persistently evolved over the last three or four decades in the realm of data storage, none have had the staying power of traditional USB direct storage. Right from the beginning, when consumer computers first entered the market with high […]

The Crucial T700 vs Seagate Firecuda 540 Gen5 SSD – Which Should You Buy?

Seagate Firecuda 540 vs. Crucial T700 : A Gen5 SSD Showdown After a wait, Gen 5 m.2 NVMe SSDs are increasingly accessible and affordable, with key players in the SSD market now introducing them. The delayed introduction of Gen 5 in the realm of solid-state drives is partly due to the repercussions of the 2020 […]

Seagate Firecuda 540 vs Corsair MP700 SSD

The Corsair MP700 vs Seagate Firecuda 540 Gen5 SSD – Which Should You Buy? It has taken some time, but Gen 5 m.2 NVMe SSDs are becoming more available, seeing a decrease in price, and are now being launched by major players in the SSD market. The slow rollout of Gen 5 in the solid-state […]

Seagate Firecuda 540 vs MSI Spatium M570 SSD – Which Is Better?

The Seagate Firecuda 540 vs MSI Spatium M570 Gen5 SSD – Which Should You Buy? It’s been a gradual journey, but Gen 5 m.2 NVMe SSDs are now more accessible, witnessing price reductions, and being introduced by prominent SSD brands. The measured emergence of Gen 5 in the SSD realm can partly be linked to […]