Synology DS115j Review NAS

Reviewing Diskstation DS115j Synology DS115j        Top Speed: 100 MB/s  IOPS: 761.35 Noise: 18.1 dB(A) Power: 10.52 W / 4.97 W   PROS CONS Excellent choice of Apps. Low-power Low Noise DLNA Compliant Very cheap Relatively Fast data transfer Very slow Expensive with HDDs No data protection Difficult drive installation No USB3 ports No […]

The Best 1-Bay NAS of the Year from Synology and QNAP

Why Buy A 1-Bay NAS? A 1 Bay NAS is often overlooked as a sensible backup option. The main reason being that even though you’ve got network access to a whole hard drive’s worth of data, the issue lies in the subject of RAID. RAID, or redundant array of independent disks, is the ability to […]