Video editing studio with two computers (iMacPro and MacBook Pro)

Small Studio with 2 computers.  I want to set up a video editing studio with two computers (iMacPro and MacBook Pro) and wanted to have all the footage centered on a NAS (located in a different room) and be able to edit from it simultaneously with both computers. I think the QNAP TS-9xx series might be a good choice with a 10Gb connection. I also thought about the Sinology DS3018xs, but I do not think it will have the same performance as QNAP. 60TB or more.

First of all always double check whether your video editing software version supports editing from the network drive. Even if it doesn’t support each NAS can set up ISCSI units to trick the computer that there is physical disk attached.

When looking for the best video editing NAS- performance does not mean much because all heavy work will be done on your editing computer. All that storage device need to do is provide the best bandwidth and speed from the drives. The TS-9x series was a good idea but they are limited to the ports you have.

  • TVS-951X– 1x rj45  – only one port
  • TS-963X- 1x rj45      – only one port
  • TS-932X – 2x SFP+   – weak CPU and expensive switch and cable

These are good options for one or two editors, but if you want to grow your business, this might be an issue unless you are happy to invest again in a better NAS later.

The most popular video editor DAS/NAS choice is Thunderbolt series. The TVS-1282T3 with multiple Thunderbolt ports or TVS-1282 without thunderbolt but with a dual 10G card installed. It supports tiered storage technology and caching as well as it some with multiple PCIe slots for upgrades. With this server, you don’t need to think about reinvesting for the next 5 years.

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