Apple Time Capsule replacement alternative

Currently, I have a 3TB Apple Time Capsule. With 2 – 2TB disks attached. This is all getting a bit old. I can not replace with Apple Product. They have discontinued the Time Capsule. So I guess I have to go with a small NAS & WiFi Firewall Hub. Maybe as separate units.

– User Account Security
– Apple Time Machine Support
– 6+ TB Disk Space
– Very quiet to silent operation
– Rock Solid Reliability. Plug it in and it just works.
– Works seamlessly with Apple Eco System

Desired Upgrades
– Raid Redundancy (Current redundancy method is to copy important content on more than 1 separate spinning disks.)
– Somewhat faster Wi-Fi Transfer Speeds for backup. (Current is running ~11MB/s limit likely caused by the USB hub.)

Other Things.
– Media not that important
– Torrent not important.
– External File Share not needed.

If you need something reliable then Synology products will be a good fit. Their budget J series models will be very similar alternative to time capsule specs. Once you connect it to your router you will be able to use it over the WiFi as well as Ethernet. You will be also able to run iTunes server, Dropbox folder sync and many more services.


If you need something more spacious.

For a simple task like that, you can star with a solution like DS418j. It will give you 1 drive failure protection and loads of other functionality. It will replace your time capsule, iTunes server, and time machine backups. And this is just a start. It replaces Dropbox with their own Drive app which is even better with its version control. You can create users and manage their access rights as well as share content on the local network as well as on the internet. All encrypted and secure. There are plenty of apps available allowing you to turn your NAS into a hundred different things from solving your problems.

I hope this helps.


Apple time capsule equivalent alternative



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