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I have been trawling through your videos on mesh networks. I am trying toe decide between the Wifi 6 Asus RT-AX92U and the Synology RT2600ac with MR2200AC.
My house is 2500 sq ft brick built and seems to block wifi transmission very well.
I do have LAN in every room in the house following a full refurb and re-wire.
Which would you recommend, price is not really a concern as long as I get a rproer Mesh network.

You content is great keep it up.

I personally use Synology rt +mr mesh setup. This seems great. Not only you can extend/add mesh points via WiFi but also by plugging mesh points into your existing ethernet ports around the home. There is no reconnection problems or dead spots.
I have tested Asus RT-AX92U which is also good mesh system, but not as smart as Synology. It does have WiFi 6 though. It is faster than regular. But both mesh systems are faster than your broadband speed. So in this case WiFi speed really doesn’t matter unless you gave 1Gbit broadband.

I hope this helps.

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  1. I currently have the Synology router mesh, but I’m not that ok with it. I have some 2.4GHz device, I can’t connect to the Synology mesh wifi. It does work if I remove the MR2200ac, so I was now checking to move over to Google WiFi.

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