Best video formats to choose for PLEX video streaming and transcoding

Thinking this may be a good video for you to consider as like many of your viewers I have several movies and TV shows in several formates (disk, and on hard drives) and PLEX only sees certain ones as does synology video station and others NAS providers. My biggest frustration at the moment is how to get them on or in the same formate, I have AAC, AVI, ISO, MPEG, MPEG4 etc. what is the best recommend file formats for plex and some other video play back supported by the modern NAS and maybe a few other tools that would work well with converting older files to one good formate for maximum compatibility playback on a NAS. if someone like me is looking to start over with their media going to a NAS or optical disk less solution.

We have tested Quad-core Celeron models such as 720+/920+ and this is what we noticed.

Parameters to likely be able to transcode 4K videos using Celeron.

  • Under 50Mbit bitrate
  • MKV file format
  • 24 frames per second
  • Size under 50GB
  • AC3 audio format


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