Cannot play DTS or EAC3 audio format on Video Station

Why can’t I play videos with DTS or EAC3 audio format on Video Station?


Video Station currently does not support the playback of the audio formats below owing to patent licensing issues:

  • All DTS audio formats, including but not limited to DTS and DTS-HD
  • Partial Dolby Digital audio formats, including but not limited to Dolby Digital Plus (EAC3) and Dolby TrueHD


Try the following solutions when you encounter problems playing videos with the above-mentioned audio formats:

  • Move to PLEX
  • Convert the unsupported tracks:¬†With third-party audio converters on your computer, such as XMedia Recode for Windows and Remux for Mac, convert the audio tracks to supported formats like AC3 or AAC.
  • Play the videos with a third-party media player
    • For mobile devices:¬†Download a third-party player and play the videos on DS video; VLC media player is available on both iOS and Android devices.
    • For computers:¬†Map a network drive that contains the videos and play them with media players such as VLC media player. Refer to our knowledge base articles for mapping a network drive on¬†Windows¬†or¬†Mac.


What media formats are supported on PLEX?


There are many digital audio formats. The most common are:

  • MP3: Only carries 2 channels and is relatively low bitrate. Not that common in more recent files.
  • AAC: The closest thing we can get to a universal standard these days. The drawback with AAC is that while it can carry 6-channel sound, not many receivers handle it natively and it‚Äôs not designed for it.
  • Dolby Digital / AC3: Probably the most common multi-channel format. It handles at most 6 channels (5.1) and has very wide native support in televisions and receivers. However, it‚Äôs relatively low bitrate, so it might not give the best fidelity. Most TV shows have AC3 tracks.
  • DTS: Most common for movies, handles 6 channels at most, and is widely supported in mid-range equipment and up. Low end equipment usually does¬†not¬†support DTS natively since there are licensing fees involved. The Apple TV, for example, supports AC3 but not DTS.
  • TrueHD: TrueHD is Dolby‚Äôs successor to AC3. This codec is lossless and supports 8 channels. High end equipment is needed to get native TrueHD support.
  • DTS-HD MA: The successor to DTS. It is backwards compatible with DTS. DTS-HD MA is lossless and supports 8 channels.
  • Vorbis, FLAC: While these are not as common, both support multiple channels, but few receivers natively support them. FLAC is becoming more popular.


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