Drivestor vs Synology DS220 vs DS220J

Drivestor vs Synology DS220 vs DS220J

Which NAS?

Looking at picking up a NAS for the first time. I plan on using mainly for backup. I don’t use Plex right now, but if I could see using it for some movies. We have 4 computers total each has 1 TB drives in each with some additional external storage. I run MacOs as my main computer but I also have a Win PC that I use for Win 10 with Linux PopOs on a second drive on the machine.

I’ve gone through a bunch of vids and so far I’m looking at the Asustor Drivestor Pro 4, Synology DS220+, and the Synology DS220J. Despite all he computers and linux I’m not great with troubleshooting issues. It involves a lot of google to get things sorted out, so as long as it’s straightforward I shouldn’t have too many issues. Your YouTube vids were helpful in narrowing it down. Good stuff 🙂


For simple network storage, all of these NAS would do the job.
I will just tell you what is the main difference between these :

Asustor Drivestor Pro 4  – Poor mobile app support and general 1st part apps. Need to relly on 3rd parties.
Synology DS220 – Good budget NAS for using Synology own apps only
Synology DS220J – a cheaper version of the model above, mainly used for files storage/backups only.
DS220+ cheapest model with full functionality enabled and geared towards multimedia.

I hope this helps.

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