enabling memory compression, can you see significant improvement?

Hi and thanks for the reply! I have had the unit since this summer so I would think that indexing would be ready. Anyway I think your information is enough to clarify the impact SSD would have for my usage. It might just be that I expected more. Last night I found this guidance which I applied.
I hope this helped a little. For now I’ll just sit back and hope for more features in Synology Photos to come.
Maybe NAS is still building a RAID or indexing images. Things should het faster after this.
Adding cache would speed things up only for repetitious tasks. If you accessed the same images all the time. Those files would be server from SSD instead.
Otherwise, it would speed up general app and OS performance by around 20%. Nothing too fancy.
After enabling memory compression, can you see significant improvement?
All this does is compression for inactive data in memory. If this helps, more RAM is certainly needed.
Well it was actually the other way around. I disabled memory compression since I have added 8GB of (unsupported) memory. I think I got some more consistent responses from the system after that but it might also be just me imagining.

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