How to speed up PLEX with SSD upgrade

I bought a 2TB. ssd. because I heard that will speed up my Plex Server on my Qnap 653D. What is the best way to set this up.

You will need to create a separate volume on your SSD (either 2.5inch or M.2. Having a RAID on SSD will ensure your data is safe in case of drive failure. Otherwise you can recover from a backup if you prefer to have a single SSD.

Once you create an additional volume, you will need to migrate Plex app or any other app you want to speed up.

To move app to a different NAS volume (not all Apps allow it, In case the not allowed, you will need to backup the APP data and reinstall the app again). Go to App center and click the down arrow close to the open button and select “Migrate to”


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