KODI on Synology & Qnap

I had a 4tb seagate nas drive. and it lasted just over 2
years. i have done some research on both brands and have seen your you tube clip on both brands. im
aware on the pros and cons. still im unsure. i dont need it for camera surveillance, basic use will
be streaming videos & movies to tv’s and ipads. backing up photos , documents & music. i am
computer literate but i do want the software to be as simple as possible.
not really fussed on the hardware , I definately want kodi, and i have seen that you can get kodi
on synology. also reliability is a factor but i guess its also depends which brand hdd i install.
ive also seen that you can only access the synology via the network and the qnap you can access via
usb direct , not sure if this will be an issue to me , cause the network card failed on the seagate
that i had , so i couldnt access my data.

Kodi has been lately removed from Qnap app store, but you can still install it manually and if NAS has an HDMI port, you can connect it directly.

Synology never had KODI app, because of non-existing HDMI port. Kodi is just a player and there are network alternatives available like Plex. If you still prefer Synology and want KODI to play movies from it- there is still a solution. You need to get cheap KODI player hardware which you can connect to a TV or if you prefer the computer, install that on a computer.

Roku player, Android and even tweaked Amazon stick:



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