Migrating from old 2-bay Synology to a new Synology

DS211 upgrade to?

I have a DS211, now out of support…
Running DSM 6.2.2
It has 2x SAMSUNG HD204UI 2TB drives.

Performs well, just a little slow now.

If I get a new DS220+ when it comes out, what is best way to migrate?
Remove 1 drive from 211, power up 220+ then remove 2nd drive? Or add both drives before powering up 220+?

Is the 220+ my best option? Should I look at 720+?

DS218+ would be a logical logical upgrade model. But since DS211 is so old, you will need to set up DS218+ from scratch. If you keep an old NAS as a backup then you could mount it to a new NAS via mapping a disk: https://www.synology.com/en-global/knowledgebase/DSM/help/FileStation/mountremotevolume
But if you want to reuse disks. Then you could either use backup disks or remove one drive(if RAID1) and put it in a new NAS and then setup and map old NAS as a network drive. SO both NAS can talk to each other and copy data over. And then add another disk to a new NAS when data copy is complete.

I hope this helps.

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