Mount Photo Station to Synology Moments app

mount “personal photo staion” into moment

I am using DS420+ synology , and watched almost half videos in your youtube channel 🙂
the thing that I am stuck on , that whenever I add photo to ” personal photo station” because I have two users , its not indexing the photo to moment
and I have tried to contact synology but no luck with them to fix it

I’ve read a solution in the internet that you can mount the personal photo folder inside moment using the SSH and it will work

(my problem that i am new to NAS and don’t know how to do it)
i have tried but i fail ..can you please make youtube video how to do it

thanks in advance

How to:

SSH into your Synology
Find the corresponding folders in the filesystem.
In my setup:
Private Photo Station folder: /volume1/homes/USER/photo
Moments folder: /volume1/homes/USER/Drive/Moments
Mount Photo Station folder into Moments using
mount –bind /volume1/homes/USER/photo /volume1/homes/USER/Drive/Moments/photo-mount
Enable auto-mount after startup by adding the mount command to /etc/rc.local
Start new indexing from Synology’s user-interface (Moments/Settings/Indexing).



I will make a note on my to-do list for a video like this.
But in the meantime, you will need to choose which app you like better.
Photo station is going to be removed on DSM7 in few months.
The simplest way to migrate would be a simple copy paste job in File station.
Copy everything to your Drive/Moments folder.

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