Network storage for Autodesk / REVIT that allows you to have a central file

Hello I would love some help choosing a nas for my small business. I run a small two person residential design office. My primary needs for the nas is for office storage, remote file access, and to backup my data. I use a software by Autodesk called revit that allows you to have a central file that is then accessed from different computers. It is a great system that lets more than one person to work on the same project at the same time. This is very important for me because I currently have to take the file from my desktop and save it onto my laptop and it is very inefficient. I want to be able to work on a file on my desktop close it and open it right up on my laptop and continue where I left off. I might consider in the future using it for plex as well. But for now the most important part is for business. I was considering getting the Sinology Ds-920+ with four 4tb drives. But I am open to your suggestion if you think something else would work better for me. I currently have 161 gb of data saved on my pc but i expect that to go up as i keep working and my archive grows. I want to future proof it for at least 5 years on space. Also, if you could give me some advice on what raid configuration would work best for me it would be of great help. In addition I would like to know what is the best way to transfer all of my files from my desktop hard rive onto the nas. I really appreciate all your videos and advice you post on youtube. Thank you.

Yes, NAS would allow all of you to connect via Ethernet. You can then decide what folders which computer has access to.
You can even encrypt some folder for extra safety. You will also get a file versioning option allowing you to recover previous file versions if some files have been mistakenly edited.
Or you can recover some deleted files with snapshot technology. You will also be able to connect over the internet.
This is helpful if you want to work from home or if you want to share some files with your clients.
Synology Drive app will allow you sync folders between different devices of your own or in your team, this way you can switch a device and keep on working on your projects.
REVIT software can be set up as a Virtual machine on a NAS where everyone connects to collaborate. Alternatively, if it allows then the main file would simply live on a NAS shared folder which is mapped to every single computer that needs collaboration.
DS1819+ / DS3018xs are models to look at.

I hope this helps.

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