Not backed up yet – message after restoring active backup for business

My problem – now only partially fixed – is I have 2 NAS units. The DS718 I use to make ABB nightly backups of the systems connected. Then the ABB directory is Hyper Backed Up to a 2nd NAS a DS920.

The DS718’s volume was corrupted with the message stating system files were corrupted and I would need to remove the volume. After saving everything, I did delete the volume on the DS718 and it also deleted the ABB and Hyper Backup programs leaving a blank system almost.

I made a new volume after doing some diagnostics (hard drives check good). Then I reinstalled both ABB and Hyper Backup (HB) programs. Then I could open HB on the DS718 and do a recover of the files and programs stored in a Hyper Backup directory stored elsewhere on a USB drive.

I restored from the backup and then somehow, don’t remember the steps, I re-linked the ABB directory and everything was finally restored back on the DS718. Took 4 hrs….

Okay, I then open ABB after everything is restored and the ABB window Overview shows all the PC’s and Task List of all the systems. Looks good but shows “Not backed up yet” on all systems. I can open File Station and look into the ABB directory and click on any PC and all the backups are there.

So why doesn’t ABB show that the backups are there? There no connection between the Task and the actual backup files even though they are there…?

Three days now and still no response from Synology. Yep but their equipment, then they don’t know you….


Response to Synology support after them requesting access to both NAS units:

“I believe I found the problem (your lack of documentation) and with some help from Rob at NAS Compares, I was able to get all the PC’s reconnected. Not a single PC was recognized after relinking the ABB directory. Had to reinstall the ABB app on each PC, then do a backup and then the other historical backups could be accessed. You really need to do something about the certificate issues.

A bit of documentation added to your recovery process certainly could have helped. And even a faster response would have been nice. If Synology doesn’t care about it’s customers, then I’ll rethink my purchase options when a client needs a backup solution.

Just take a look at your response, didn’t offer a thing in the way of troubleshooting. And this is tech support?”

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