Qnap red light flashing solution

qnap 53b blinking red light

Hi, I’ve seen a lot of your videos and I’ve noticed that you’re very prepared for NAS. I own a ts653B NAS that yesterday 12/10/2019 stopped working. Mount the latest firmware with a system of 3 hard drives in raid 5 .

Flashing red every 2 seconds

The manual says that it could be any of these:

• The drive is invalid.
• The disk volume has reached its full capacity.
• The disk volume is about to reach its full capacity.
• The system fan is not functioning.
• An error occured when accessing (read/write) the data.
• A bad sector is detected on the hard drive.
• The NAS is in degraded read-only mode (two member
drives failed in RAID 5 or RAID 6 but the data can still
be read).
• Hardware self-test error


If you can still use it, check weather it needs replacing a disk. Or check the logs.

If it doesn’t boot, you will need to come back to me.






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