QNAP TS-932x or Synology DS918+ vSphere builds

QNAP vs Synology. I was looking to buy either the QNAP TS-932x or Synology DS918+ They are both very similar price points and features. I do like that the TS-932x has 10gb SFP ports. The DS918+ has some good features like the transcoding and btrfs. I’m going to use this for a home NAS as well as a LAB for vSphere builds. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The virtualization will require high IOPS. That means 10GbE and 7200RPM hard drives or even SSD. If access times are not important then you can look at DS918+, but still consider at let WD Pro drives. Transcoding is useful when watching films over the internet (comparison). For local network streaming, you don’t need transcoding engine and Qnap will do a good job. Also, Tiered storage option on the Qnap is very useful as it will automatically move data on SSD storage if it has been accessed on frequent bases.

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