Qnqp 231k vs synology ds218play

Qnqp 231k vs synology ds218play

What’s the difference between the qnap 231k and the Synology ds218play. Is one of these better than the other or faster? Do they both do on-the-fly transcoding. Is the interface easier on one of them?

DS218play with 64-bit Quad Core 1.4 GHz versus 231k with Alpine AL-214, ARM v7, 32-bit, 4-core, 1.7GHz would perform fairly similar when comparing data transfer speeds. Things get very interesting when you use it for multimedia or data encryption. Synology with built in booster chips will cope even with 4K videos and new generation encryption.

Synology is working harder to create their own software. Qnap more relies on third parties to create software. This is why computers need better hardware compared to Paystation because software is not built around the hardware. The symbiotic relationship is not as good and therefore output with the same hardware is quite different.
But Qnap does try hard to catch up and do offer much more innovative solutions that Synology do not dare to add on their hardware.
But with fewer risks, Synology is more likely to be around in next 10 years.

I hope this helps.


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One thought on “Qnqp 231k vs synology ds218play

  1. Synology in my honest opinion, is better than Qnap if you 1) Prefer SHR and SHR-2 and 2) If you prefer Brtfs file system, which is not yet available for Qnap in Oct 2021, when this is written.