Rack-mount home multimedia server

Home media server

Hi. I am looking for a home media server. I will use it for watching my DVD and Bluray collection, and editing and storing photos. I have a rack in my study which is connected by Cat6 to all TV points in the house. The videos will be viewed on smart TV’s, xbox, fire tv, laptops and android tablets.

I would like to keep everything in the rack, there is a few U of space.

Should I get a NAS or a rack server? Should the NAS be able to transcode 4K ?

Yes, TS-453BU (also 8/12 bays available) is a rack version of TS-453Be which is a great NAS capable of even 4K video transcoding using Video station app or direct streaming via DLNA.

You can also manage to put HS-453DX on a rack shelf.

TVS-972XU (also 12/16 bays available) will be a better choice if you are looking for Plex 4K transcoding. It features Intel core i processor with integrated graphics chip.

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