Need 2-3 TB to backup photos and video clips. Space to backup wife’s 512 Gig MacBook using TimeMachine and space to backup my 512 Gig MacBook Pro using Time Machine. Looking at 2 bay Synology but will 2x4TB drives be adequate and if I use SHR will there be 2 copies of all backups – I understand RAID 1 where Drive 2 mirrors Drive 1 but don’t understand the architecture of SHR and whether there is actually a mirror copy or whether it is more like Raid 0 that sort of merges the two drives. I am hoping you can clarify all this and recommend necessary drive sizes.

First of all, you are not forced to use SHR RAID on Synology NAS. You can choose to have RAID1 if that is more ensuring. Synology SHR actually splits into SHR1 and SHR2 which means 1 drives or 2 drive redundancy. The biggest benefits of using SHR is the ability to mix different size drives and still benefit from drive redundancy. In regular RAID0 or RAID1 setup drive size would be limited to the smallest capacity. If you have 2TB+3TB+4TB – all drives would be treated as 2TB drives.

In this case, if you have SHR RAID on 2 drives of the same size – it will be a mirrored copy just like RAID1. More info :

The advantage of RAID 1 is probably recovery if a disaster happens, it might be slightly easier to recover simple RAID1 standard but not by far.

RAID0 is not giving you any protection, it just writes everything across all drives giving you maximum capacity and speed.


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