Switch that supports two LAG 2.5gbe ports to 5gbe connectivity

the switch that supports two LAG 2.5gbe ports to 5gbe connectivity

Hi, I’m currently using asustor as5304t and I’m looking for to purchase the switch that has at least two 2.5gbe switches also support 5gbe output(2.5+2.5gb=link aggregation to 5gbe) which connects to my 5gbe pcie of my pc. I barely know about switches so I am thinking the price point around 200 dollars am I being ridiculous to find at this price? Because any switches has 2.5gb and 10gb is more than 500 dollars in US dollars. Would like to know what would be the best lowest budget to find the right device. Thanks!

Almost all switches are backward compatible from 10GbE to 5 -> 2.5 -> 1GbE. Also, you need a managed switch to be able to link aggregate two ports into a one faster connection like 2×2.5GbE=5GbE. Managed switch means that it comes with a configurable user interface.

Here is what I found. Netgear MS510TX and MS510TXPP. These models feature 4x1GbE, 2×2.5GbE , 2x5GbE and 1x 10GbE.

Click to access MS510TX-MS510TXPP.pdf



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