Synology DS220j vs DS220+

Synology DS220j vs DS220+

I saw your video on YouTube – Synology DS220+ vs DS220j NAS Comparison
I want to know which Photo/Videos related functions I will miss in DS220j.
1) Can I stream movies from DS220j on my TV/monitor?
2) Will there be any limitations while using SynologyPhotos on DS220j?
3) Does DS220j supports DSM 7 smoothly?

And last question – What if I use 1 Seagate IronWolf HDD 4TB and other Seagate Compute 4TB HDD in NAS as RAID configuration?

Yes, there is quite a significant difference between these two NAS. Synology J and other value series NAS do not support expansions and RAM upgrades. Also, you don’t get apps like Hyper backup for business (windows and server system image backups), Snapshots (rollback versions), Virtual machines, Docker and mode.

Also, it will feel slightly sluggish if you try to do several things at the same time. But it will work with DSM7 and Photos ap. You can also stream videos locally on compatible TVs.

Here is the spec table.


I hope this helps.


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