Synology E10G18-T1 direct connection do not work

I have installed a E10G18-T1 into my ds1618+. I have installed an asus XG-C100C into my win 10 desktop. Both installations appear successful. I have connected the two cards via a 4meter cat6A cable. Synology Assistant finds the NAS connected via this cable. It has a mac address only, status is offline, WOL is off. I cannot connect/map a drive. S Assistant also find the same server via the 1GB connection to my router. How do I connect my desktop to the asus NAS connection?

First, you should ensure that both network cards have IP address assigned in the same range. Once that it is done you can conect NAS and PC directly or through the switch.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network > Network Interface.
  2. Select an existing network interface and click Edit.
  3. Under the IPv6 tab, select a setup type from IPv6 setup:

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