Synology expansion through esata (DS918+ direct attach)

Now, I´m a Mac user and I´m considering the Synology 918+ but I´m in high doubts if it would solve my iPhoto problem. The thing is that the library is massive and I would like to put it out on a NAS. Operating the photo library over ethernet is most likely a no-no, so I need to connect that one Mac with all the photos directly to the NAS (I guess) so transfer speeds is good and possible survive editing of photos.

Question I have – is it possible to use a esata to Thunderbolt adaptor (Which is available as far as I can see) to hook up a Synology directly to a machine and have a reliable system? If not, is there any other way I can expand a Synology to make it talk to that one Mac with alright speeds?

Photo editing is not as power demanding as video editing, but speed still matters. With smaller drives, SSD drives and cache can be very beneficial. Some people make two raid systems on one NAS. SSD for live editing and HDD for storage and sharing. DS918+ features dual LAN connection. That will let you connect NAS to a switch using 2 LAN cables (CAT6a recommended). Smart switches have link aggregation function available which would potentially increase transfer speed to over 200MB/s with a right setup. If your PC has 10GbE card or dual LAN card – you could get decent transfer speeds between a NAS and PC.

ESATA port on DS918+ is for expansion unit. Synology NAS can not be conected to a PC directly in any other way than with LAN cable (can be conected directly from a PC to a NAS with a LAN cable).

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