Synology MR2200ac mesh router with single SSID auto-switching and wired Backhaul

I have a house with an out-building that also requires internet. Currently, I have just upgraded my primary WiFi router to a Synology RT2600ac, which has only served to show that my second access point is also too old. Were I to add a MR2200ac as the second access point (they are connected by wired ethernet), would I be able to have a single SSID and automatic switching from one point to the next? (You know, all that meshy stuff)? I was about to get a 1900 for the second but if I can have a single network that would be best.


1. Can the MR2200ac mesh with the RT2600ac?
2. With a single SSID
3. And autoswitching?
4. Can I run a wired back-haul?
5. If yes to the above, how much and when?


The answer is yes. If you have already RT2600ac, it will mesh with new MR2200ac. Synology has just added the support with the last update.

You will be able to use single SSID and the switching will happen seamlessly as you walk closer to one or another router.

Also, there are good new on backhaul. Synology has dedicated the third band for it.

The mesh router is now available to buy and will start shipping from tomorrow (UK).

Synology will be one of the first offering WPA3, the latest standard for Wi-Fi security.


Alternatives to Synology Backhaul mesh Wi-Fi router

If you thing Synology mesh is too expensive but you want something similar with backhaul functionality then consider these alternative routers.

NETGEAR Orbi 2,000 square feet

tri-band Wi-Fi

MU-MIMO connectivity, and a ton of Ethernet ports

Google Wifi 500-1500 square feet РUp to 85 sq. metres each

dual-band Wi-Fi


Eero 3,000 square feet

tri-band Wi-Fi

and 2 x 2 MU-MIMO

Linksys Velop 6,000 square feet

tri-band Wi-Fi

2 x 2 MU-MIMO


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