TS-653 Pro vs TS-653D upgrade

I need some help picking a NAS. I have two homes. One with a QNAP TS1685 and another with a QNAp TS 653 Pro. I’m looking to replace the 653 Pro. I use my NAS for music and video. I have a large library getting bigger all the time. I have about 18 tb of music and about 70 TB of movies. Some of the movies are 4k. Can you please suggest the best model and why?


If you are looking for a replacement NAS then TS-653 Pro upgrade model is ts-653D. It comes with 3X faster CPU and better graphics chip.


Alternatively, if you want even more power and more storage space than TVS-872N will feature Intel core i CPU.
If you would want to install a dedicated GPU card then 873A series NAS would allow that.

I hope this helps.

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