DS723+ - -


DS723+467.69 GBP747.97 USD

BEST FOR Virtualisation

NAS CPU Cores Threads Speed (GHz) Docker/VM Score ECC
DS723+ AMD Ryzen R1600 2 4 2.6 (MAX:3.1) Docker/VM 3147 ECC /2 GB DDR4 ECC


NAS GPU Base_GHz/Max Codec FPS Transcoding Plex
DS723+ / 0 720p


NAS BAYS Bandwidth HDD storage expansion Drive mixing File System
DS723+ 2 HDD 2Gbit (2 ports combined) 44TB EXT4 BTRFS

*All NAS support multiple RAID/ volume groups, if you want to mix different size drive on non supported model.


NAS Level HA AI Google Microsoft encryption
DS723+ folder/barebone face volume/folder


NAS MAX LAN speed Ports transcoding PCIe NVMe
DS723+ 1Gbit 1 x Gen3 x2 2x NVME Gen3 x1


NAS HDMI QVM transcoding AI


NAS Virtual switch Docker/VM HDMI S/PDIF / AUX
DS723+ Docker/VM



Brand Model TW USA UK Released
Synology DS723+ 2023-01


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SOFTWARE - 10/10
PRICE - 8/10
VALUE - 8/10

👍🏻DSM 7/7.1 (and DSM7.2 Around the corner) still continues to be an absolute tour-de-force of NAS Software
👍🏻Most Affordable 10GbE upgradable Synology NAS in the market!
👍🏻ECC Memory Support and scalability to 32GB is completely unparallel at this price point
👍🏻The design of the DS723+ NAS still continues to be market-leading
👍🏻The New CPU architecture allows great PCIe3 bandwidth to be afforded to the rest of the hardware, inside and out
👍🏻Low Noise, Low Physical Impact and Intelligent Automatic Power Use Adjustment Settings
👍🏻Increased Support for macOS in Synology Drive and Active Backup Suite (DSM 7.2)
👍🏻Synology C2 Cloud Services, 1st Party Backup/Sync Tools and Collaboration Suite App = Complete 1st Party Eco-system that can rival Office365 and Google Workspace
👍🏻PCIe Gen 3 M.2 NVMe SSD Support as Storage Pools!!! FINALLY!
👍🏻Tremendously User-Friendly!!!
👎🏻The AMD Emb.Ryzen instead of a Intel Celeron (with Integrated Graphics) will be a dealbreaker for alot of users
👎🏻The default 1GbE ports that the system arrives with are tremendously dated
👎🏻The USB port on the system (only x1?!) is older gen USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gb/s) and their support/usability have been quite pared back in recent DSM releases
👎🏻The continued moves by Synology to prioritize 1st party hardware and software services may put some users off
👎🏻Plex Support on the Synology DS723+ is still great for native playback, client-side handling and client devices with relevant multimedia licenses in place, but if server-side media conversions are needed - this system will struggle in comparison with the DS720+ before it


DS723+467.69 GBP747.97 USD
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