The Best Locations to Place Your NAS Compatible IP Cameras At Home

Security is undoubtedly the area of greatest concern to people, even more so today with the prevailing climate. With evolving technology and mindsets, surveillance cameras are increasingly being used. So, dash cam or nanny cam with audio is it the reference?

Indeed, the majority of NAS are able to recognize and operate a number of IP video cameras. Connected to a network, they can be configured to record a video stream and detect motion. They make our NAS, real security agents … even if it would only be a pet watch!


So you have to install real IP cameras, compatible with the NAS. It is not necessary to put a dozen, just a few well placed, monitoring the various entrances and mandatory crossing points, to build an effective video surveillance system.


What is a NAS?

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a standalone storage unit accessible from a local network (computer, tablet, smartphone, video game console, TV) or remote.  Comprised of one or more hard drives, the main functions of the NAS are storage, sharing and securing your data. This is a network storage box containing one or more hard drives connected to your box (cable or WiFi), accessible from all your connected devices.


A NAS to do what?

The main function is data storage. But that’s not all. It is also a file server allowing the sharing of data (video, music, photo, and other files) through one or more networks.  Beyond storage and sharing, a NAS also helps secure your data (RAID) by distributing data across multiple hard drives. In short, your data (photos, movies, music, documents …) are stored in a box and you can access it from any computer, smartphone, tablet at home … But also from the outside, if you wish.


However, there are several things to consider when installing security cameras. For example, make sure that their monitoring efficiency is optimized for your home. These concerns include the types of cameras to use, their specifications, and their positions during the installation process. You also need to know how many cameras you need, their placement and installation.

How to determine the correct location of your IP surveillance cameras?                             

The basics for successful video surveillance

Before getting excited and wanting to play with the surveillance cameras, several points must be taken into account. First of all, you should know that if you install a surveillance camera (s) at home, the captured image must not be on public space.  For example, if you live in an apartment, you cannot film the street or the common corridor. This is prohibited and punishable by a fine. This is the first point to consider. Similarly, you will not invest in a surveillance camera pack if you live in a house or apartment. It is therefore important to think carefully about the different places where surveillance cameras will be placed. Go through this step is necessary because it will save you many disappointments. For example, if you do not do this, you may not have enough surveillance cameras, or vice versa. But sometimes, if you go through packs of surveillance cameras already, the number of cameras will not be suitable for your home.


CCTV at home at which location?

Here are some recommended places where a security camera can be installed to maximize the efficiency of your surveillance system. Of course, this is only suggestion and not an obligation. It all depends on how your home is arranged.

• Doors and windows

Unlike Santa Claus who goes through the chimney, the burglar does not (or very rarely) use other alternatives to the main openings to break into your home. So remember to install a camera at the main windows, the back door, etc. The main openings are the key entry points for burglars when they enter a home.

• Front Door

Installing a camera at your front door will allow you to monitor who is passing by and see who is at your front door before opening it. According to statistics, about 1/3 of burglaries have committed since the door. It is therefore wise to install a surveillance camera to cover this vulnerable area. However, if you do not want to install a surveillance camera there, you can always opt for a built-in camera lighting system or a connected video door entry system. 

• Poorly lit openings

Installing a night vision surveillance camera for dark areas around your home ensures proper monitoring at all times and on any occasion. However, most surveillance cameras at present are equipped with night vision.  

• Ground floor and / or first floor?  

Entrances to the ground floor and the first floor of your home, such as sliding doors and windows, should be monitored by installing security cameras. But it is not necessary to put as many surveillance cameras as openings in your home! You can also install additional locks on your sliding doors and windows to increase their security against forced entries.  

How many cameras for a video surveillance system?

Of course, an element that will weigh in the decision will be the cost. The more cameras you put in, the higher the bill for the entire video surveillance system will be. It is therefore necessary firstly to determine the needs. By playing with the position and the different angles of view available today on the cameras, it is possible to monitor large areas with a reduced video surveillance system. With the plan of a “traditional” house, two cameras are placed outside (think to take cameras adapted to the outside), each on one side of the house, which watch the entrances along the whole length of the house. Another is installed in a corner of the living room, which is chosen with a wide angle to cover the entire room.  The living room is a mandatory passage through its main entrances (statistically the thieves all the same use the doors and French windows), by its unique access to the floor and finally by its valuables (audio equipment -video). A fourth camera could be placed on the landing upstairs, mandatory passage also if you want to go to the rooms. In this example, with only four cameras, the video surveillance system covers the main house. After, to put straps and belts, as we say, we could make sure to add two more cameras outside, so that each camera has a visual on its neighbor: even if someone tries to destroy one, it will be filmed by another who has seen it. The main thing is in any case to monitor the different places of passage, avoiding blind spots. For this you need to make a small plan to visualize the situation.


Night vision

The night vision function of a camera is an artificially assisted vision. In the majority of cases, this is provided by a set of infrared LEDs present around the lens of the camera.  Their function is to illuminate the scene with rays that are not visible to the eye and to be able to film in total darkness.  The effectiveness of night vision depends on the number of LEDs on the camera, but also on the location where it is located. It will generally be more efficient indoors, because the range rarely exceeds 15 meters in the field of the general public and outside the LED light will be less reflected.

Outdoor camera or indoor camera

Different types of cameras are currently available for indoor and outdoor use. Attention must be paid to the shape as well as the degree of protection relative to the tightness. Outdoor cameras: outdoor cameras are often made of metal or aluminum and are attached to a wall via an articulated arm. The standard for an outdoor camera is usually IP66. This means that the camera will be totally protected against dust and heavy rain. Indoor cameras: they can be either to ask or to fix on the wall. There are also forms “domes” for fixing directly to the ceiling for more discretion.

Integrate your camera into an alarm system. 

Many IP cameras have an alarm input / output. This port allows you to upgrade your installation by connecting your IP camera to existing or additional motion sensors, for example. These ports take the form of the following visual: The notification, meanwhile, takes the form of an email, or that of an SMS or PUSH notification on iOS & Android.  The purpose of such notification is to be alerted in real time of a possible intrusion into your home and to react quickly.

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