QNAP Releases QTS 5.0 Beta

QNAP Releases QTS 5.0 Beta

Upgraded Kernel, Improved Security, and AI-powered Drive Failure Prediction: Join the Beta Program now to Experience its Intelligent Features

Taipei, Taiwan, July 2, 2021 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP) today released the QTS 5.0 Beta, the latest version of the acclaimed NAS operating system. QTS 5.0 has upgraded with Linux Kernel 5.10, improved security, WireGuard VPN support, and enhanced NVMe SSD cache performance. The DA Drive Analyzer, powered by a cloud AI engine, helps predict the expected life of drives. The new QuFTP app helps fulfill personal and business file transfer needs. QNAP now welcomes users to join the Beta Program and provide their feedback so QNAP can further improve QTS and provide a more comprehensive and secure user experience.

Learn more about the QTS 5.0 Beta Program at https://www.qnap.com/go/qts/5.0

Key new apps and features in QTS 5.0:

  • Optimized user interface:
    Includes smoother navigation, a comfortable visual design, a notice board for simplifying first-time NAS installation, and the search bar in the main menu for quickly finding apps.
  • Increased security:
    Supports TLS 1.3, automatically updates QTS and apps, and provides SSH keys for authentication to secure NAS access.
  • WireGuard VPN support:
    The new QVPN 2.0 will integrate the lightweight and reliable WireGuard VPN and provides users with an easy-to-use interface for setup and secure connectivity.
  • Boosted NVMe SSD cache performance:
    The new kernel improves NVMe SSD performance and utilization. When cache acceleration is activated, SSD storage can be utilized more efficiently while also offloading memory resources.
  • Enhanced image recognition with Edge TPU:
    By leveraging Edge TPU to QNAP AI Core (the AI-powered engine for image recognition), QuMagie can perform faster face and object recognition while QVR Face strengthens real-time video analytics for instant facial recognition.
  • DA Drive Analyzer with AI-powered diagnostics:
    The DA Drive Analyzer leverages cloud-based AI to predict the expected life of drives, assisting users in planning drive replacement in advance to protect against server downtime and data loss.
  • QuFTP fulfills secure file transfer:
    QNAP NAS can perform as an FTP server featuring encrypted SSL/TLS connection, QoS bandwidth control, setting FTP transfer limitations or speed limitations for users and groups. QuFTP also supports FTP Client.


The QTS 5.0 Beta can be downloaded from https://www.qnap.com/go/qts/5.0
Check your NAS compatibility with QTS 5.0 Beta
Note: Features are subject to change and may not be available for all QNAP products.


QTS 5.0.0 Beta Supported NAS
TS-328, TS-428, TS-230, D2 Rev-B
TS-231+, TS-431+, TS-131P, TS-231P, TS-431P, TS-131K, TS-231K, TS431K, D2, D4, D4 Rev-B
TS-251D, TS-451D, TS-451D2
TS-253D, TS-453D, TS-653D, TS-453Dmini, HS-453DX, TBS-453DX,
TS-453Bmini, TS-253B, TS-453B, TS-653B, TS-453BT3, TS-253Be, TS453Be
TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT, TVS-872XT
TVS-872X, TVS-672X
TVS-672N, TVS-872N
TS-473, TS-673, TS-873
TS-473A, TS-673A, TS-873A, TS-h973AX





QTS Build 20210701 Public Beta


Applicable Models

  • TS-453Bmini, TS-253B, TS-453B, TS-653B, TS-453BT3, TS-253Be, TS-453Be, TS-328, TS-428, TS-230, D2 Rev-B, TS-473, TS-673, TS-873, TS-251B, HS-453DX, TBS-453DX, TS-251D, TS-253D, TS-653D, TS-453D, TS-451D, TS-453Dmini, TS-451D2, TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT, TVS-872XT, TVS-672N,TVS-872N, TVS-872X,TVS-672X, TS-231+, TS-431+, TS-131P, TS-231P, TS-431P,TS-131K, TS-231K, TS-431K, D2, D4, D4 Rev-B, TS-h2490FU, TS-h973AX, TS-473A, TS-673A, TS-873A.

Important Notes

New Features

  • QTS now supports Desktop Notice Board, which provides notifications for various events and announcements.
Control Panel
  • QTS now supports TLS 1.3 for HTTPS secure connection.
  • Users can now import custom root certificates to certify the SSL certificate of a server that the NAS needs to access.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1.
  • Improved SSD cache design to enhance storage performance. Existing SSD cache will be automatically converted to the new design after QTS update to 5.0.0.
QuFTP Service
  • Added support for QuFTP Service, which allows users to configure and manage various FTP settings.
File Station
  • File Station now supports displaying thumbnail previews for PDF files.
Network & Virtual Switch
  • Network & Virtual Switch now supports the DDNS service “DDNS Now”.


Control Panel
  • Added the option to enable or disable strong cipher suites.
  • Added an option to choose whether to redirect users to the NAS login screen when connecting to the NAS IP address without the system port. To enhance device security, this option is disabled by default.
  • To enhance device security, UPnP Discovery Service is now disabled by default.
  • Added support for Content Security Policy HTTP header.
  • QTS now enables the default “admin” account and resets its password when users press the Reset button on the NAS for three seconds. Nevertheless, to ensure device security, we recommend disabling the “admin” account and using a new administrator account after you finish resetting the system.
  • Users in the administrator group now have read/write access permissions for default shared folders, except the “homes” shared folder.
  • Users can now manually specify the time interval and the maximum number of failed login attempts in Control Panel to further enhance NAS security.
Qsync Central
  • Qsync Central is not pre-installed in QTS. Users can install this application in the App Center.
QuLog Center
  • Improved the user interface of Advanced Search in QuLog Center.
  • Added support for displaying the total connection time of online users.
  • QuLog Center now displays computer names and accessed resources in System Access Log and Online Users.
  • To ensure device security, QTS now displays a message to remind users to disable the default “admin” account and to create another administrator account.
  • QTS now displays a message to remind users to enable 2-step verification to ensure account security.
Mustang User driver
  • Mustang User Driver 3.1.1 now supports QTS 5.0.0.
Web Initialization
  • QTS Smart Installation Guide now requires users to create a new administrator account. The default “admin” account is disabled after initialization.
Local display Initialization
  • To ensure device security, QTS now reminds users to disable the default “admin” account and to create another administrator account during HDMI Installation.

Known Issues

  • The QXG-5G2T-111C network adapter is not optimized for the TS-873A.
  • QTS 5.0.0 beta temporarily does not support certain file systems on external storage devices. To work around this issue, users can use HBS3 to back up files to external storage devices. Note that this workaround may require more CPU resources and increase backup task duration. We will soon fix this issue in an upcoming release.
  • Some applications cannot access the NAS when secure connection and TLS 1.3 are enabled. This is due to a known issue in the applications. We will fix this issue in upcoming app releases.
  • Users need to manually remove and then re-create SSD cache after updating QTS to 5.0.0 beta.
  • QTS 5.0.0 beta temporarily does not support the following applications, utilities, or services: vSphere Web Client Plug-in, QNAP SMI-S Provider, QNAP Snapshot Agent, KoiMeeter, Marvell 88SE1475 driver, Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) Driver, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) Driver, NVIDIA GPU Driver, Advanced Network Driver, Other miscellaneous third-party applications

Other Changes

SSD Profiling Tool
  • QTS no longer pre-installs SSD Profiling Tool by default. Users can install this tool in the App Center.
Control Panel
  • Removed support for USB printers.
  • Qboost is no longer a built-in application of QTS. Users can choose to install Qboost in App Center.
App Center
  • To ensure system security, QTS now automatically disables applications that are not updated and that do not meet the minimum version requirements.
QVR Pro Client
  • Starting from QTS 5.0.0, QVR Pro Client is no longer supported. You can now install QVR Smart Client as the client software for your QVR Pro or QVR Elite surveillance servers.
NVR Storage Expansion
  • Starting from QTS 5.0.0, NVR Storage Expansion is no longer supported.


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