Realtek to Showcase Full Range of Communications Networking, Multimedia, and Consumer Electronics Solutions at 2022 CES

Realtek to Showcase Full Range of Communications Networking, Multimedia, and Consumer Electronics Solutions at 2022 CES

HSINCHU, Taiwan – January 05, 2022 – Realtek Semiconductor Corporation (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2379.TW), one of the world’s leading network and multimedia IC providers, will be announcing a full range of communications network, multimedia, and consumer electronics solutions at 2022 CES. Featured products include:


Best Choice AIoT SoC for Energy-Saving Dual-Band Wireless Network Camera (RTL8735B)
Realtek launched a new generation of highly integrated ultra-low-power-consumption single chips for AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) wireless network cameras. The new low-power-consumption ICs will greatly extend the operating days of battery-powered systems. The SoC is encased in a 10x10mm2 QFN package and features a faster CPU, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE5, ISP H.264/H.265 video encoder, audio codec, DRAM memory, security engine, and AI NN engine to enable faster device boot-up with higher security levels and to easily run AI video and voice recognition applications. The RTL8735B SoC can help customers design a lightweight and small-size IoT doorbell, portable camera, home appliance, or any AIoT equipment that requires a wireless camera, and battery-powered IoT devices.

The New Smart Home Central Platform: Pure and Smart Lifestyle (RTL8730E)
Featuring Ameba Smart, the first Quad-Core CPU/Wi-Fi 6/BT5.3, and a highly integrated SoC running a Dual Linux OS/FreeRTOS System, the RTL8730E is Realtek’s newest IoT solution. Its smart voice functions can easily be embedded into home appliances or a home central control platform.  Through Wi-Fi 6, the SoC offers low latency and low power consumption. Ameba Smart connects wearables and Bluetooth sensors and can broadcast audio to Bluetooth LE Audio devices via the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard.
Leveraging the advantages of an SoC, Ameba Smart achieves lip-sync and multi-speaker synchronization to build a smart home theater system, and permits fast and easy over-the-air updates.

Realtek Wi-Fi 6 AP Router Solution with AI QoS Control
(RTL8198D + RTL8832AR + RTL8192FRH)
To improve the traditional QoS parameter setting and reduce setting time, Realtek rolls out Wi-Fi 6 AP router solution with AI QoS control. It does not require any Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and is able to identify more than 1M apps and 200,000 games. By dynamically adjusting the bandwidth, network performance is smoother and faster, and the user experience is elevated. For example, if user A is gaming, conferencing, or watching an online movie, when user B uses a cloud backup service or downloads updates, user A’s experience would previously have been interrupted by lag. Realtek’s new AI QoS will reduce the download/upload bandwidth of non-critical apps and ensure that user A’s quality experience will remain constant for all lag-sensitive apps.

The World’s Smallest 5Gb Ethernet Controller Solutions
Realtek will launch a 5GbE Single-Chip Ethernet Controller Series compatible with IEEE 802.3bz Multi-Gigabit functions at the end of 2022, supporting 5G/2.5G/1G/100M/10Mbps network bandwidths. The network environment permits easy upgrade to 5Gbps network bandwidth over existing network cabling (Cat 5e). Realtek 5Gb Ethernet products provide various interfaces for PCIe (RTL8126 Series), USB (RTL8157 Series), and PHY (RTL8251B Series) to meet a wide range of applications (e.g., PC, PON, Cable Modem, Wi-Fi 6 AP router, switch, CPE, built-in and external network card, PCIe/USB-to-Ethernet accessories, etc.). Realtek’s 5Gb Ethernet IC adopts the Quad Flat No-lead (QFN) Package, is lightweight, and is easy to handle. This form factor will be the smallest 5GbE solution in the world.

The First 10G Ethernet PHY with aQFN Package Solution (RTL8261N)
In early 2022, Realtek will launch the RTL8261N, a 10GbE Ethernet PHY, supporting 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100Mbps network bandwidths. The RTL8261N is compatible with IEEE 802.3bz and NBASE-T and supports MACsec, PTP, Sync-E, and EEE features. With the RTL8261N, Realtek provides a complete and competitive total solution for Switch and PON applications in the 10G market. Realtek’s 10Gb Ethernet PHY adopts the Advanced Quad Flat No-lead (aQFN) package, delivering the only aQFN 10GbE PHY solution in the world.

The World’s Highest Integrated 9-Port 2.5G Ethernet Switch Solution (RTL8373+RTL8224)
Realtek launches the RTL8373+RTL8224, the highest integrated 2.5Gbe Ethernet switch solution, which can connect 2.5G NAS, 2.5G servers, computer games, 2.5G Wi-Fi 6 routers, 4K video, etc. The RTL8373+RTL8224 provides up to 8 2.5G and 1 10G Ethernet ports with ultra-low power consumption, ideally designed for real-time transmission for LAN Party, other home entertainment systems, and small home offices/studios. The RTL8373+RTL8224 does not require complicated settings, and the Ethernet cable does not need to be upgraded to Cat6, thereby reducing network cabling costs. The RTL8373+RTL8224 will bring into existence a wave of Ethernet switch upgrades.

Wi-Fi 6E USB Dongle (RTL8832CU) & Wi-Fi 6E/BT Combo Solution (RTL8852CE)
Using its 160MHz bandwidth and the cleaner 6GHz band, RTL8832CU peak throughput is up to 1.8Gbps. A 2GB file transfer would be expected to complete in 15~20 seconds.
With 6GHz support in Wi-Fi 6E, the RTL8852CE increases overall Wi-Fi performance to achieve the highest throughput for a better speed experience with lowest latency. The integrated BLE Audio, with support for multistream and broadcast audio, further reduces power consumption to bring a better overall listening experience to consumers.

Bluetooth 5.2 LE Audio Broadcast Isochronous Stream (BIS) Solution (RTL8773E)
The RTL8773E is a single chip Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 (BLE 5.2) Audio SoC solution that provides both transmitter and receiver functions. It can achieve 1-to-N broadcasting and fully supports BT SIG standard legacy and LE Audio. It offers open SDK for customers to develop their own applications for ultra-low-power applications.

Android and RDK STB (RTD1319/RTD1619B Series)
Multiple System Operators (MSOs) need a high-performance and power-efficient Set-Top Box (STB) SoC platform to provide functions beyond merely video services delivery. With Realtek’s latest STB SoC designs, which feature an advanced 12nm process, CPU/GPU/NPU computing, a total 4K experience, and full HDMI 2.1 functions, Realtek’s Android & RDK (Reference Design Kit managed by the open source consortium, RDK Management) STB platforms (RTD1319/RTD1619B) continue to support immersive AV technology and pre-certification for applications for OTT and hybrid products, thereby proffering the most reliable SoC for MSOs and shortening the time to market.


HSINCHU, Taiwan – January 05, 2023 – Realtek Semiconductor Corporation (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2379.TW), one of the world’s leading network and multimedia IC providers, will demo full range of PC, communications, consumer electronics, and Automotive solutions at 2023 CES.

Realtek’s intelligent automotive noise suppression technology with voice following (ALC5575) uses a pre-enrolled voiceprint of a specific user (Speaker ID), retaining only the specific user’s voice, so a far-end listener can readily hear the talker clearly. This technology integrates Realtek AI noise suppression, making it possible to remove noises from tires, wind shear, rain, etc. in a moving vehicle. Additionally, Realtek low-power vision sensing solution (RTS5868) can extract rich ‘human-centric’ attributes through vision sensing technology and connect to any host platform via a USB interface. Equipped with the performance-optimized AI network, it provides a complete solution in advance for customer products to develop quickly.

The immersive gaming headphone experience enabled by the RTL8773D single-chip, low latency (20ms) solution supports simultaneous 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections with audio-mixing of gaming audio and Bluetooth music/phone call concurrently. Its high performance neural network algorithm perfectly removes all keystroke noises for the best gaming experience. With an integrated high performance ANC engine, the RTL8773D can reach up to 40dB noise cancellation improvement.

The RTL8720E/RTL8726E/RTL8730E Ameba E series new 5th-generation IoT products support the latest technologies such as Smart Voice, Wi-Fi 6, Matter, dual-core design, and more, to effectively upgrade your smart home systems. Realtek also introduces VR Air Bridge, an accessory that provides an easy streaming wireless PC-VR experience (RTL8832AU/RTL8832CU), and launches the 1st VR USB Wi-Fi 6/6E dongle for simplified air link with VR head-mounted device. It allows the user to explore their wireless VR game and enjoy the freedom of full 360° movement. Furthermore, Realtek’s Wi-Fi 7 (RTL8952A/RTL8922A), the next major generation and evolution enhancements, will support time sensitive network applications like AR/VR, 4K and 8K video streaming, automotive, gaming and video applications. There is also Realtek Wi-Fi 6 AP router solution (RTL8198D+RTL8832CR+RTL8192XBR/RTL8198XB+RTL8832CR+RTL8192XBR) with AI QoS and AI technology to elevate online user experience and reduce Internet lag.

For consumer electronics applications, the Realtek AI super resolution fidelity recovery IC RTD2892NND can enhance the picture quality and solves the video artifact problems due to compression or transmission bandwidth limitation.

Realtek MACsec protects the cybersecurity and safety of vehicles. The RTL9010B/RTL9000C series is one of the first Automotive Ethernet PHYs equipped with MACsec in the market. This feature will provide enhanced cybersecurity protection for next generation Software-Oriented-Architecture vehicles.

Yee-Wei Huang, Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman said, “Realtek’s PC, communications, consumer electronics, and automotive solutions exhibited at 2023 CES have innovative and exclusive specifications, high performance, and high reliability. They are expected to win the customer mindshare and market share, bringing more convenience and safety to the mass”.

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