Synology 2024 and beyond event, what to expect?

Here’s a summary of the “Synology 2024 and Beyond event, what to expect?” video by DIGIBITE:

  • Overview of Event Timing

    • Uncertainty about the exact date of Synology’s event, traditionally held towards the year-end but now overdue as of February​​.
    • Speculation based on past event timings suggests it’s expected to happen soon​​.
  • Predictions on Product Updates

    • Analysis of current Synology product lines and their release dates to predict potential refreshes​​.
    • Highlighting models with recent updates (2023/24 series) and those due for an update, including DS120j possibly being replaced or discontinued​​.
  • Value and Plus Series Expectations

    • Expectations for updates in the Value series, with a focus on DS120j potentially moving to a new chipset if not discontinued​​.
    • Plus series might see updates in models like DS2422 and DS620 slim, with potential CPU upgrades​​.
  • XS and Surveillance Series Forecast

    • XS series may see few refreshes due to their typical 5-year update cycle, with possible updates in surveillance models being less likely​​.
  • Rackmount and Enterprise Solutions

    • Predictions for rackmount series updates, specifically RS2821 and RS1221, using newer Ryzen CPUs​​.
    • Enterprise solutions, including dual controller and scalable models, are unlikely to see new releases soon​​.
  • Community Engagement and Future Updates

    • Invitation for viewers to participate in a poll on NAS comparisons and share their predictions or findings​​.
    • Announcement of an upcoming video with Robby for more detailed discussions on potential Synology releases​​.



Synology Event history:

Synology 2024 AND BEYOND – ???? Still nothing (promo Video released 18 Jan 2024)
Synology 2023 AND BEYOND – 27 Oct 2022
KEYNOTE — Synology 2022 AND BEYOND – 2 Dec 2021
Synology 2021 AND BEYOND – 7 Dec 2020
Synology 2020 – 4 Nov 2019
Synology 2019 – 3 Sept 2018
Synology Solution Exhibition 2018 – 15 Jun 2018
Synology 2017 Global Event Introduction – 30 Nov 2016


What to EXPECT:

Synology DS923+ • •DS924+ 2022-11 [Release date]

Synology DS1522+ •DS1524+ 2022-06

Synology DS2422+ •DS2424+ 2021-10

Synology DS3622xs+ •DS3624xs+ 2021-10

Synology DS1821+ •DS1824+ 2020-11

Synology DS1621+ •DS1624+ 2020-09

Synology DS620slim •DS624slim 2020-06

Synology RS822RP+ (RS824RP+) 2022-06

Synology RS822+ (RS824+) • • 2022-06

Synology RS422+ (RS424+) • 2022-04

Synology RS2821RP+ (RS2824RP+) • 2021-03

Synology RS4021xs+ (RS4024xs+) • 2021-01

Synology RS3621RPxs (RS3624RPxs) • 2021-01

Synology RS3621xs+ (RS3624xs+) • 2021-01

Synology RS1221+ /RP+ (RS1224+) 2021-01

Synology RS3618xs (RS3624xs) • 2020-06

Synology RS1619xs+ (RS1619xs+) • 2020-06





Synology DS124 CPU Realtek RTD1619B – 2023-07
Synology DS223j CPU Realtek RTD1619B – 2023-06
Synology DS423 CPU Realtek RTD1619B – 2023-03
Synology DS223 CPU Realtek RTD1619B – 2023-01
Synology DS120j CPU Marvell A3720 – 2020-06 [??DS124j]

Synology DS224+ CPU Intel Celeron J4125 – 2023-07
Synology DS423+ CPU Intel Celeron J4125 – 2023-03
Synology DS723+ CPU AMD Ryzen R1600 – 2023-01
Synology DS923+ CPU AMD Ryzen R1600 – 2022-11 [??DS924+ R1606G Vega]
Synology DS1522+ CPU AMD Ryzen R1600 – 2022-06 [??DS1524+ R1606G Vega]
Synology DS2422+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B – 2021-10 [??DS2424+ R1606G Vega]
Synology DS620slim CPU Intel Celeron J3355 – 2020-06 [??DS624slim J4125]
Synology DS1821+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B – 2020-11 [??DS1824+ V1780B]
Synology DS1621+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B – 2020-09. [??DS1624+ V1780B]
Synology DS1823xs+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1780B – 2023-02
Synology DS3622xs+ CPU Intel Xeon D-1531 – 2021-10 [??DS3624xs+ V1780B]
Synology DVA1622 CPU Intel Celeron J4125 – 2022-05
Synology DVA3221 CPU Intel Atom C3538 – 2020-10 [??DVA3224 R1606G Vega]
Synology RS2423+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1780B – 2023-03
Synology RS2423RP+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1780B – 2023-03
Synology RS822RP+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B – 2022-06
Synology RS822+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B – 2022-06
Synology RS422+ CPU AMD Ryzen R1600 – 2022-04
Synology RS2821RP+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B – 2021-03 [??RS2824+ V1780B]
Synology RS1221+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B – 2021-01 [??RS1224+ V1780B]
Synology RS1221RP+ CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B – 2021-01
Synology RS4021xs+ CPU Intel Xeon D-1541 – 2021-01
Synology RS3621RPxs CPU Intel Xeon D-1531 – 2021-01
Synology RS3621xs+ CPU Intel Xeon D-1541 – 2021-01
Synology RS3618xs Intel Xeon D-1521 – 2020-06 [??RS3624xs V1780B]
Synology RS1619xs+ CPU Intel Xeon D-1527 – 2020-06 [??RS1624xs V1780B]
Synology FS3410 Intel Xeon D-1541 Intel Xeon D-1541 – 2022-06
Synology FS2500 AMD Ryzen V1780B – 2021-12
Synology FS3600 Intel Xeon D-1567 – 2020-06
Synology FS6400 Intel Xeon Silver 4110 x 2 – 2020-06
Synology UC3200 Intel Xeon D-1521 – 2020-06
Synology UC3400 Intel Xeon D-1541 – 2023-06
Synology SA3400D Intel Xeon D-1541 x 2 – 2023-06
Synology SA3410 Intel Xeon D-1541 – 2023-01
Synology SA3610 Intel Xeon D-1567 – 2023-01
Synology SA6400 AMD EPYC 7272 – 2022-11
Synology SA3200D Intel Xeon D-1521 x 2 – 2020-06
Synology SA3400 Intel Xeon D-1541 – 2020-06
Synology HD6500 CPU Intel Xeon Silver 4210R – 2022-04


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