DS118 Plex Transcoding test 720p / 1080p

Not that long ago people were frustrated that Plex have not created PMS installation file for DS118. Today not only we can install PMS but actually transcode some HD and FullHD videos. Yes, CPU will freak out, but it will have just enough power to actually do a 1080p transcoding stream. See the test results below.

Transcoding 720p H264 videos into mobile 480p version

The test stream very quickly transcoded video quite a while ahead of the current stream. Transcoding to 480p will be very popular conversion when accessing video content over 3G or worse mobile network. Also, it is an optimal resolution for a mobile screen.

Transcoding 1080p H264 videos into mobile 480p version

Before the test, I thought I might be wasting my time because it won’t do it. But I was surprised to see that DS118 managed to buffer enough ahead to have a smooth and uninterrupted transcoded stream. I didn’t test two simultaneous streams, but I can guess it won’t do more than a single one. Anyway, this makes DS118 the cheapest Full HD Plex transcoding NAS.


Plex on DS118, DS218play, DS418 and DS418j – Realtek RTD1296 issue

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