Synology DS923+ compatible RAM upgrade

Synology DS923+ compatible RAM upgrade

System Memory 4 GB DDR4 ECC
Memory Module Pre-installed 4 GB (4 GB x 1)
Total Memory Slots 2
Maximum Memory Capacity 32 GB (16 GB x 2)

Official Synology memory upgrades



  • DDR4 ECC Unbuffered SODIMM
  • EAN: 4711174724383
  • Capacity: 4GB


  • DDR4 ECC Unbuffered SODIMM
  • EAN: 4711174724390
  • Capacity: 8GB


  • DDR4 ECC Unbuffered SODIMM
  • EAN: 4711174724406
  • Capacity: 16GB



Synology NAS compatible RAM

Our tests in studio:


(Arrives with ECC Memory)

DDR4-2466 ECC Unbuffered SO-DIMM 260pin 1.2V D4ES02-8G (ECC)

D4ES01-16G (ECC)

Crucial ECC 4GB – Buy Here

Kingston NON-ECC 4GB- Buy Here

Crucial NON-ECC 8GB – Buy Here

Kingston NON-ECC 8GB- Buy Here

Crucial NON-ECC 16GB – Buy Here

Kingston NON-ECC 16GB- Buy Here

Kingston NON-ECC 32GB – Buy Here

Kingston ECC 8GB – Buy Here

Arch ECC 16GB – Buy Here

vColour ECC 32GB- Buy Here


Here are NAS community tests :

DS923+ DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 3 Kingston Server Premier 16GB 2,666MHz KSM26SED8/16HD YES YES [LINK]18th Jan
DS923+ DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 3 4GB + 16GB 2,666MHz DDR4 SDRAM SO DIMM 260-pin Kingston KSM26SED8/16HD YES YES [LINK]11th Jan
DS923+ 7.1.1-42962 Update 4 Micron (Crucial) Server 32GB DDR4-3200 ECC SODIMM 2Rx8 CL22 MTA18ASF4G72Hz-3G2R YES NO [LINK]17th Mar
DS923+ 7.1.1 Update 4 Timetec DDR4-2666 16GB ECC SODIMM 2666MHz PC4-21300 260 Pin 1.2V CL19 D4ECSO-2666-16G_TT YES NO [LINK]16th Mar
DS923+ 7.1.1-42962 Update 4 Micron 16GB (1 x 16GB) DDR4 2666 CL19 MTA18ASF2G72HZ-2G6E4R YES NO [LINK]8th Mar
DS923+ DSM7 Kingston KSM26SED8 2666MT/s DDR4 ECC CL19 SODIMM 2Rx8 16GB YES NO [LINK]6th Jan
DS923+ DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 3 NEMIX 32GB(2×16) DDR4 2666Mhz PC4-21300 ECC MSE21300-628K02-G YES NO [LINK]13th Feb
DS923+ 7.1.1-42962 Update 4 Kingston Server Premier SO-DIMM 8GB, DDR4-2666, ECC KSM26SES8/8HD YES YES [LINK]20th Mar
DS923+ DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 3 CT16G4TFD8266 2x Crucial 16GB DDR4 2666 (PC4-21300) CL19 ECC YES NO [LINK]23rd Jan





Kingston Server Premier 16GB 2666MT/s DDR4 ECC CL19 SODIMM 2Rx8 Server Memory Hynix D – KSM26SED8/16HD – CHECK AMAZON 

Arch Memory



Samsung sticks

Samsung M471A2K43CB1    UK   USA

Crucial RAM alternatives:

Crucial 4GB DDR4-2666 SODIMM         UK     USA  
Configuration ID: CT12553660
DDR4 PC4-21300 • CL=19 • Single Ranked • x8 based • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR4-2666 • 1.2V • 512Meg x 64 •

Crucial 8GB DDR4-2666 SODIMM         UK     USA  
Configuration ID: CT12529382
DDR4 PC4-21300 • CL=19 • Single Ranked • x8 based • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR4-2666 • 1.2V • 1024Meg x 64 •


16GB CT16G4SFD8266.    UK     USA  

Crucial CT16G4SFD8266 16 GB (DDR4, 2666 MT/s, PC4-21300, Dual Rank x8, SODIMM, 260-Pin) 


Crucial 16GB DDR4-2666 SODIMM         UK     USA  
Configuration ID: CT12529368
DDR4 PC4-21300 • CL=19 • Dual Ranked • x8 based • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR4-2666 • 1.2V • 2048Meg x 64 •



Optional Synology memory modules are designed to expand the memory of your Synology NAS. Follow the steps below to install, check, or remove a memory module on your Synology NAS. The following table shows the memory configuration for best practice:

To remove the memory module

1. Shut down your Synology NAS. Disconnect all cables from your Synology NAS to prevent possible damage.

2. Remove the drive trays from the drive bays. The memory slots are located on the inner-right side of your Synology NAS. You will find a memory module that is pre-installed.


3. The memory slots are numbered as shown below.

4. Push the levers on both sides of the memory module outward. The memory module will be released from its slot.

5. Hold the memory module by its edges and remove it from the slot.

6. Insert the drive trays back into the drive bays.

7. Reconnect the cables removed in step 1, then press the power button to turn on your Synology NAS.



To install the memory module

1. Follow step 1 to 2 of the “To remove the memory module” section to shut down your Synology NAS, disconnect the cables and remove the drive trays.

2. Insert the new memory module into the empty slot:

a. Align the small gap between the gold connectors of the memory module with the notch on the empty slot. Insert the memory module into the slot. Make sure that the module is properly inserted.

b. Gently push down the memory module until you hear a click.

3. Insert the drive trays back into the drive bays.

4. Reconnect the cables removed in step 1, then press the power button to turn on your Synology NAS.


To make sure your Synology NAS recognizes the new memory capacity

1. Install DiskStation Manager (DSM). Please see “Install DSM on Synology NAS” for more information.

2. Sign in to DSM as admin or a user belonging to the administrators group.

3. Go to Control Panel > Info Center and check Total Physical Memory.

If your Synology NAS does not recognize the memory or does not start up successfully, please make sure that the memory module is installed correctly.





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15 thoughts on “Synology DS923+ compatible RAM upgrade

  1. How about ? Some RPI NAS sounds great!

  2. Hallo, just bought a DS923+ to replace my old DS414. I have changed the ram to an HP part. LO443-501 which is a 16gb stick of ECC ram. (£32 each) Also known as Samsung M474A2K43BB1-CTDQ
    Added one stick and immediately recognised without errors. Did the memory test (passed) and running 3 virtual machines with 80% utilisation seems to work fine. Just added a second stick and although not fully tested, so far so good and currently running at 72% utilisation.
    I’ll hold on to my 4GB Synology stick meantime but I could sell it for more than the price paid for the2x32GB ! Can’t be bad

    For info, with cache etc although the resource monitor says 72% utilisation, it only says 1.8gb free out of the 32gb. I’m I better to go by the utilisation or the amount free as clearly 32-1.8=30.2 which is more than 72%

  3. Thanks for your work guys! You are very helpful to people.
    I’ll make my contribution.

    Samsung M474A2K43DB1-CVF 16GB DDR4 2933MHZ PC4-23400 ECC SODIMM 2Rx8.

    2x16Gb work fine on DS923+, no warnings.
    Please add to the table.

    Bought for less than $50 each.

  4. Hi Nas Compares,
    You provided a list of three supported ECC modules. Question: will these RAM modules produce an “unsupported” memory warning whenever you reboot the DS923+?

    Thank you.

  5. Can I use both a 4 GB and 16 GB RAM in my DS923+ or does this created issues? They are both Synology. I can place the 16 GB in slot 1 and the 4 GB in slot 2. I heard its not advisable to mix RAM but could not find any reference. Thanks

  6. Hi,

    Have you run into any problems running Kingston KSM26SED8/16HD sticks listed in the article? Do they work in ECC mode properly?

    I am considering an upgrade for my DS923+ and the utopian vision of spending merely 125 eur for two Kingston 16GB ECC sticks rather than 170 eur for single Synology 8GB ECC stick looks very tempting.

    Also huge thanks for running this site and the YouTube channel. Great work! 🙂