tvs-675 RAM upgrade


First of all_THANKYOU for brilliant information in your reviews. If ever allowed out of this C19 caused police state and visiting mates in England, I’ll buy the beer!
On your advice I placed an order for a TVS-675 NAS to replace my old TS-669Pro.
I live in the country and need to drive to sydney to pick it and the 6 IronWolf Pro 8tb drives, but BEFORE I leave I need also to update the RAM to 64gig and the two SSDs.
Your review was RUSHED and I could not make out what you were saying re the correct TYPE of both RAM and SSD.
Would you PLEASE make it idiot proof for me and give me a specific brand and model number for each?
Armed with that I can then be specific and the boffins behind the counter supply me with EXACTLY the CORRECT goodies.
The last time I built up a computer was ovet 10 years ago (and it’s still working fine!) but things have moved ahead so much in that time that I couldn’t understand most any tech stuff you mentioned.


Qnap TVS-675 comes with a not much tested Chinese CPU. We have not tested it and have no hopes this is a very future proof model. But it might be.
TS-669Pro was an Atom-based model which is not actually that much different performance-wise. But Intel chips do last longer.
Adding more RAM is rarely speeding up the NAS. People add more RAM when apps actually demand for it. Especially when they run things like docker,VMs or webservers.

here is official RAM upgrades :

If you like unifocal RAM this should work (we have not tested)

Crucial 16GB 2666Mhz DDR4 SODIMM Non-ECC CT16G4SFD8266

Kingston 32GB 2666Mhz DDR4 SODIMM Non-ECC KCP426SD8/32



Kingston 32GB memory kcp426sd8/32 DDR4 2666MHZ: USA   UK 

Samsung 32GB (no tested but should also work)   USA   UK


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