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Reviewing Diskstation DS218j

Synology DS218j



Top Speed: 113 MB/s  IOPS: 4632.2

Noise: 18.2 dB(A)

Power: 17.48 W / 7.03 W

  • Excellent choice of Apps.
  • Sleek and compact chassis
  • Support Plex 
  • Low-power Mode
  • Low Noise
  • LowPower Consumption
  • DLNA Compliant
  • Facial recognition
  • Only one Ethernet port
  • No Hot Swap trays
  • No Copy button
  • Expensive with HDDs
  • Dual drive RAID is not cost effective
  • No Video transcoding
  • Not expandable


Review | Best use case for DS218j

  • Network file server for small office
  • PC backup and Apple time machine
  • Itunes or music library for Sonos
  • Home HD multimedia server for DLNA smart TV



Review | DS218j Hardware review



This tiny CPU will still support Plex for basic functions.

RAM memory will not be replaceable nor upgradeable.

USB3 ports will provide faster backup speeds.

Single LAN ports seems to be still copying with max data speed box offers.

Scheduled powering on and off can be set up automatically.

Plastic chases and adjustable fan speed will let you make it super-quite.

DS218j 100V to 200V power will let you use it in any country.

Thanks to weaker Armada CPU you will save a tiny bit of electricity.

Review | DS218j Unboxing

Review | Alternatives to DS218j?





Review | What can I connect to DS218j?

Wireless Speaker Sonos

The great thing about Sonos is that you don’t need to pay for music subscription service. With the cheapest NAS at home like DS218j or any other, you can have your backups done for all of your devices and still use your network drive as a Sonos music library. Sonos will connect to your NAS via your network and let access your provided music library. If you have little more of IT knowledge, you can even set up your Alexa or Sonos with Alexa built in to play music on your voice commands (“Alexa! Ask DS Audio to Play Music!”).

Casting devices

Nowadays it is so cheap to upgrade your old TV and make it smart. All you need is Google Chrome or EZcast alternative plugged into your HDMI port at the back of your TV. Now you have great functionality added to your TV to send a video file directly from your NAS to a TV. No need for wires and chargers and other mess. You can use your phone as a remote to go to your movies or family videos and cast that content on your TV during family or friend gatherings.


Amazon Fire TV

You may not have a smartphone, or you just simply prefer to control your content with a remote in that case Amazon Fire TV will be a great addon to get to your TV. It also plugs into your HDMI port and will play content from your NAS to a TV. No wires no mess.

nVidia Shield TV

It gets even better! If you want some more entertainment and all previously mentioned functions – nVidia TV is a great thing to get. You can use it for playing games and watching movies from your NAS. The greatest thing is – shield TV does video transcoding. So even if you have a cheap NAS with a weak CPU, in a combination of shield TV you can now automatically on the fly change video file size and format for a destination device. It is a great way to reduce network load and let older devices to play video content which normally was not supported on the device.

Review | How fast is DS218j?

RAID 1 ST6000VN0001 6TB HDD, 1GbE LAN port: MTU 1500; connected to 1 client PC via HP 2530-48G switch


SMB Sequential Throughput (64KB)

Read MB/s 113.11 Write MB/s 112.35

SMB Sequential Throughput via Encrypted Shared Folder (64KB)

Read MB/s 105.67 Write MB/s 58.93

Windows File Transfer (1MB file x 3000)

Read MB/s 80.28 Write MB/s 57.82

Windows File Transfer via Encrypted Shared Folder (1MB file x 3000)

Read MB/s 39.1 Write MB/s 20.8

Mac File Transfer (3GB file x 1)

Read MB/s 93.01 Write MB/s 90.19

Mac File Transfer (1MB file x 3000)

Read MB/s 50.08 Write MB/s 55.31

Web Server – PHP Response Efficiency

Responses per second: 4632.2

What is maximum capacity hard drive compatible with DS218j?

Maximum raw capacity DS218j can handle is 24TB (2x12TB). That is storage with RAID0 setup, which offers maximum storage space and data writing speeds. Solution like this requires a backup plan in place. If disaster strikes, users will not be able to use NAS functions until data on it is restored.

WD is the very popular choice because they are quieter than other drives, due variable disk spinning speed.

Seagate is popular because of their rescue services and integrated health check shared between NAS and a drive

HGST is popular among IT professionals who need faster spinning disks with higher IOPS for faster data accessing rather than transfer speed.

Review | Final Thoughts- should I buy DS218j?

It is amazing how many things this cheap NAS can do. If all you need is NAS dor backing ap your computers and network drive for storing your photos and videos, this is NAS for you. As long as you plan to use it only in local network and there will be jutting few people using it at any given time, it will work just fine. If you think you might push it a little harder, consider getting slightly better NAS with more powerful CPU.

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