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Synology E10G18-T1 Versus QNAP QXG-10G1T Comparison

Synology Vs QNAP – E10G18-T1 Versus QXG-10G1T With 10-gigabit ethernet becoming so popular this year, it is not a huge surprise that many users who own Synology or QNAP NAS drive with an available PCIe slot are considering upgrading to 10Gbe. The benefits are many and the costs have come crashing down, so both QNAP and Synology […]

Countdown to CeBit 2018

NAS news in 24hours! For those that are not aware, CeBit 2018 in Germany kicks off tomorrow and things are very much buzzing here in the jolly city of Hannover. After arriving here I have had a chance to talk to a number of the brands informally regarding what’s new and exciting in the world […]