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NS780TB3 Desktop 16 bay Thunderbolt 3 DAS

NS780TB3 Desktop 16 bay Thunderbolt 3 DAS   Specifications NS780TB3 Host Interface Thunderbolt™3 (USB-C Interface, compatible with Thunderbolt™4) Data Transfer Rate 40Gbps High Bandwidth HDD Interface SAS (12G/6Gbps)/ SATA (6Gbps) No. of Disk(s) Up to 16 (For 2.5 or 3.5 inch SSD/HDD & sold separately) RAID Levels Requires a RAID card or HBA card(JBOD) with […]

QNAP TS-464T4 – The First EVER Thunderbolt 4 NAS

The QNAP TS-464T4 – World’s First Thunderbolt 4 NAS Drive If you are a thunderbolt user and have been looking at network-attached storage (NAS) in the last few years, then it would have been impossible to avoid QNAP. They have been one of the very few brands that have been able to merge the use […]

Netstor announce Thunderbolt™ 3 LTO dual-bay enclosure NS722TB3

Netstor announce Thunderbolt™ 3 LTO dual-bay enclosure NS722TB3   The Extreme Thunderbolt 3 Interface Bandwidth Netstor NS722TB3 is designed to have ultra high bandwidth up to 40Gbps for the fastest ever data storage access. Created compact desktop dual-bay 5.25” LTO drive storage chassis, via enclosure’s blazing-fast Thunderbolt™ 3 interface, the massive archiving storage is assured […]

TerraMaster 16-bay Thunderbolt 3 DAS – D16

TerraMaster 16-bay Thunderbolt 3 DAS – D16  – £3,199.99 Storage Disk Slot Number 16 Compatible Disk Types 3.5″ SATA/SAS HDD 2.5″ SATA HDD 2.5″ SATA SSD File System FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS, and EXT4 Maximum Internal Raw Capacity 288 TB (18 TB drive x 16) (Capacity will vary along with the RAID type) RAIDs […]

Can I connect Thunderbolt DAS on QNAP NAS

Thunderbolt DAS for QNAP NAS Do you know of any other Thunderbolt 3 DAS /RAID array other than AKITIO products that works when connected to a QNAP NAS? I recently purchased a TVS-472XT (core i3 version) and was hoping to connect my Netstor NA622TB3 to it but it just doesn’t work. QNAP shows TB3 port […]

8 Bay DAS Enclosure (USB 10Gbit or Thunderbolt 40Gbit)

8 Bay DAS Enclosure (USB 10Gbit or Thunderbolt 40Gbit) I’m a fan of your work. I think you’re doing a great job. You just cut through all the marketing speakers and deliver the facts. You seem to be in tune with the NAS industry so I have a question for you. I’m currently looking for […]

TerraMaster release D8 Thunderbolt 3 8-Bay DAS

TerraMaster Introduces Upgraded D8 Thunderbolt 3 8-Bay DAS Multiple RAID Supports The D8 Thunderbolt 3 can operate with RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10, as well as JBOD disk array modes for all your application needs. This underpins the all-important concern for guaranteed data security, and it ensures that your storage capacity is utilised […]

PegasusPro Thunderbolt NAS Collaborative Video Editing

Santa Clara, California, December 3, 2020 — PROMISE Technology Inc., the leading storage solutions provider, today announced the global availability of its latest series, PegasusPro Series storage solution. Marking years of developing solutions for Adobe® Creative Cloud® users, the new series offers seamless integration with the industry-leading video editing software, Adobe Premiere® Pro, which enables PegasusPro Series to support […]

Qnap Thunderbolt™ 3 Expansion Card specs released

Thunderbolt™ 3 Expansion Card Transform your NAS into a Thunderbolt™ 3 NAS The Thunderbolt™ 3 Expansion Card enables high-speed data transfer to accelerate everyday tasks and applications. Video editing studios in particular can greatly benefit by being able to smoothly transfer, display and edit 4K videos in real-time. Thunderbolt™ 4 devices can also be used […]

Expandable hardware RAID based Thunderbolt 3 hard drive

Need help with DAS planning I’m planning on building a new DAS for migrating current hardware RAID 10 with WD 4TB × 4 in QNAP TR-004. Wanted specifications below. Hardware RAID with write speed gain (Enclosure or RAID card) RAID 6 and 10 Expandability up to 8 drives Capability of adding new drives to the […]

Cheapest solo 10GbE / Thunderbolt adaptors

So I bought the Akitio dock and I am not a fan, part of my whole process is simplicity and the power supply larger than the dock, I’m realizing now other than the 10gbe port, there’s nothing I would use (don’t need CFast or USB 3.0, I’ve switched over mostly to USB-C). I was curious […]

Thunderbolt3 / USB DAS conversion to cat5

Thunderbolt3 conversion to cat5 Hi, i saw your videos on youtube, i was wondering to know IF, is possible to connect TerraMaster TD2 to a cat5 using the second thunderbolt3 port… Is this unit only a local unit?? or can i uses this one like a cloud too No, this is a DAS box. You […]

Thunderbolt 3 NVME DAS

NVME DAS? Message Body: Hello! I was gifted two 2TB Sabrent Rocket Q NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSDs and would like to put them in a storage/DAS of some sort that is Thunderbolt 3. I am using a 2018 Mac Mini. Are there any other products out there than what Netstor makes? Thunderblade ThunderBlade delivers […]

TerraMaster Announces D8 Thunderbolt 3 Storage Drive

D8 THUNDERBOLT 3 8-Bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID storage for video editing and photographers   Large Storage Capacity TerraMaster’s 8-bay D8 Thunderbolt™ 3 is compatible with 3.5″ SATA disks and 2.5″ SSDs, allowing professionals to capitalise on a total storage capacity of up to 96TB. As a result, you can be assured the device gives you […]

Is Qnap Thunderbolt NAS a scam?

We are a wedding photo/video company. We currently do about 100/125 weddings per season and are looking to do about 200 next season. Each wedding on average we will yield about 200-500 gigs of data. I have been doing a lot of research on the NAS systems but still can’t seem to find or know […]

Thunderbolt 3 USB-C to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter

Lacie 6big with Imac late 2015 I recently bought a Lacie 6big with Thunderbolt 3 for my iMac 27″ late 2015. I wasn’t aware of the lack of incompatibility. At the moment I am connected via the USB 3.1 (in the lacie) and the regular USB port in the mac (with the usb 3.1 cable […]