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WD SSD Buyers Guide – Blue, Red, Black, Green & Gold Difference

Choosing a WD SSD – Get it Right First Time Solid State Drive (SSD) technology is something that, though once considered out of the reach of the average consumer, is now very, very common. Considerably faster than the much older HDD technology, SSDs are now featured inside almost every commercial technology device that we use […]

WD Gold NVMe U.2 SSD Range Revealed – WDS960G1D0D WDS192T1D0D WDS384T1D0D & WDS768T1D0D

New U.2 PCIe Gen 3.1×4 NVMe SSD in the WD Gold Series WD is still one of the biggest names in enterprise Storage and their recently re-adopted WD Gold label has gained a new addition. This new top tier class Solid State Drive will utilize the PCIe based U.2 form factor and enable small and […]