DS216SE and DS218j and DS218 and DS218play RAM upgrade

Can I upgrade DS216SE and DS218j and DS218 and DS218play RAM?

A simple answer to this is a NO. There is no physical slot for a RAM stick.

Why can I not upgrade RAM on Synology non-Plus models?

These NAS models have a very weak computing power and everything is so simple that it can be soldered on the board. With more powerful option you could usually see a cooling system on top of the processor or removable RAM sticks on the board. If there is nothing to remove from a board, there is nothing that can be replaced or upgraded.

How does it look inside the DS218 and DS218play or DS218j?

Which 2bay NAS can have a RAM upgrade?

DS216se or DS218j or DS218play or DS218 or DS218+ or DS718+


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