4K editing on WiFi NAS

I’m looking for a NAS to store and stream 4K video on and from. This will be home made material or MKV movies. My wifi is very fast so that is not the issue. I need as low latency as possible.

Another demand would be copying files to and from my NAS from laptop via WiFi. I need to edit videos and wouild like to use the NAS as main storage. Basically drag and drop files to laptop when needed.

Im currently looking at the Synology DS218+. Would u advice something better? Or will this do just fine? Also what HDD would suffice? Im not planning on using a RAID. Unless u recommend me to ofc.

The 4K editing on the regular Gigabit ethernet is not an easy task. Editing over the WiFi is not going to be a good choice. Even if you have Netgear router with 1GbE Wifi (NIGHTHAWK® X10), your laptop will have a much slower wifi card. Unless you have two gigabit routers like this on both ends, then maybe.
The best you can do is – copy files you want to edit to your computer before you edit them from there. Once finished – you will need to copy them back.
I would recommend TS-251B with 10gbe card and a PC on another end (or laptop with usb3.1 to dual LAN adapter- link aggregated). Or if you have thunderbolt – promise 10gbe adapter.
About the RAID. If you have a backup solution- no RAID is just fine.

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