4k streaming over a LAN to a 4k TV without transcoding

4k streaming over a LAN to a 4k TV without transcoding

I have the Samsung QF9 4k TV and this plays 4k material perfectly well from a USB stick via its USB2.0 ports. When I try to stream, without transcoding, the same 4k material from my Synology DS216se NAS (via a Zappiti Mini 4k HDR media player) over wi-fi there is a lot of stuttering and freezing. I am going to try later today to connect my router to the Zappiti with a 10m cat 7 ethernet cable to see if that improves things. In any event, I am also looking to upgrade my NAS to an 8-bay one and I was considering the Synology DS1819+. My question is whether I will be able to stream 4k material from the Synology DS1819+ without transcoding, and will the DS1819+ be powerful enough to avoid the stuttering and freezing of 4k material?

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Yes, it must be a problem with a Wifi. You either need to get a decent router like Synology RT2600ac or use a wired connection. The DS216se is a super budget NAS with very low speeds. Getting a DS1819+ will ensure that you can do file transfers to 4 clients simultaneously at the maximum speed of 1GbE Ethernet. It also features PCIe slot for those who want to upgrade to a new trending 10GbE network. It is a shame that Synology has not created 8 bay transcoding ready NAS, but maybe in the future.

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