65,000 song limit Sonos / Plex workaround


I could use a little advice on my upcoming NAS purchase. I am a hard core Sonos via Synology DS213j+ (Ds213j+ has been great, but time for an upgrade). The reason for my upgrade is my music library is so massive that I am encroaching upon the 65,000 song limit that Sonos allows to stream over local libraries. I have noticed however there is no limit for streaming PLEX over Sonos.

SO, I am considering going all in on Plex for Sonos purposes, but also plan to take advantage of movies, photos and other stuff. My initial thought (based on your review) is to go with the WD pr2100 16tb. But I am a little worried about the longevity of a lesser acclaimed NAS brand. I’ve enjoyed Synology very much and am already comfortable with how it works. 2 bay vs 4 bay doesn’t really matter to me much, although it would be nice to expand more later I suppose with the 4 bay.

Under $1,000   At least 8tb

I would recommend sticking with a Synology. You can use your old drives in the new NAS and upgrade your RAID from a mirror to RAID5. I would choose DS918+ just for the future proofing. But if the price is an issue then lately Plex has released test version for Plex on DS418 or DS418j. Would not be very fast NAS, but it would do the job.

Synology will also be a much better choice for photo and video and simple file storage compared with WD PR NAS. It is much better than Dropbox and also transcoding function built in the video app will ensure you can always play video on virtually any device.


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